I'm an on-again off-again Wikipedia editor who edits mostly here and on the Commons.

Contact meEdit

If you need to reach me, put a note on my talk page. If I don't reply in a few days, you can try emailing me. As of 2015 and continuing at least through now (April 2016), I've had problems sending emails through Wikipedia, so if you ask me to email you through Wikipedia, I will, but you may not get it and I won't get any notification that the email failed.


You can get an idea of what I've been doing the last 9+ years by looking at my user sub-pages, my user talk page, and my Commons page.


Account created in late 2006. In 2016, I decided that this user page was getting a bit crufty, so I moved it to User:Davidwr/Davidwr-old-2016-04-30.