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Cascade protected images

This page is cascade protected so that the images listed here are protected even if they are accidentally deleted. Thus vandals can not upload a rude image during that time. This also protects the images after they have been restored, since admins often forget to re-protect the images after they have restored them.

Admins sometimes delete protected images by accident, or because they think we don't need them since they exist on Commons. But images are usually locally uploaded and protected here at the English Wikipedia since they are used in an interface message or in some widely used template. Thus these images are high-use and high-risk.

Images I know from high-risk templates and from MediaWiki interface messages:

Images used in system messages:

Other known high-risk images:

Images from the image upload interface:

The 50 most used images on Wikipedia:

The 51-100 most used images on Wikipedia:

Cascade protected templates

No templates here yet.

Perhaps reuse parts of the explanation at User:Cenarium/Protected templates.

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