NOTE: This page was written back in 2007 xD For a more recent page, please see my web site.


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Hi, I'm Danopia. I don't like to divulge personal information, but if you try really hard, I'll tell you that my name is not Danopia.

As you can see in my userboxes, I speak many languages - English, English, and English. I also speak some 1337 and Pig Latin. I would like to learn more languages though - with like being the key word, because I'm probably not going to learn any more languages, unless, of course, you count programming langauges. :)

I live on the planet Earth near Sol in the Milky Way Galaxy. I happen to reside in multiple parallel universes, but I don't know how many - I just know that I live in this one. In another universe, I probably have never heard of Wikipedia, and, in another, it probably doesn't even exist, so I'm glad that this me lives in this universe, whatever it may be called.


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As I said above, I'm always willing to learn new programming languages. VB was my first language, back when I was 10, and I took up HTML, JavaScript, and CSS a few years later (although only the second of the three is really a programming language). Since then I've learned C#, Ruby, C++, C, Java, some Perl, and a little bit of Lisp.

I'm skilled in acquiring more skills, too, but most of my new skills are useless in most people's opinions. I'm not even sure if most would even be considered skills.

Basically, as of 2007 I've written:
100+) VB.NET apps, of which about 4% are decent;
20+) VB apps, all of which were lost when my computer crased last year;
18) C# apps, few of which are decent;
150+) JavaScript scripts, of which about 40 are still in existence;
many) HTML pages.

My more recent projectsEdit

As you can see on my projects page, I've been doing a *lot* of Ruby scripting recently. Most of it is during my free time from school. My programs tend to revolve around data, numbers, and internet APIs. I also have done some 3D in C++, Android apps in Java, and simulations in Flash.


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Way back when, I used to use Windows on all of my computers. I was a legit fanboi for Windows. As of 2008, I now exclusively use the Ubuntu operating system on all of my machines. For more details, please see my technical page.

If you read this sentence, you are bored. *Resorts to userboxes to say the rest*


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Nuvola apps important.svgI studied computer programming in college, and all I got was this lousy compiler error.

I had a 1.2 GHz AMD-based Acer laptop and a 2.2 GHz Intel-based generic desktop (with Dell peripherals). My desktop was in a dual-monitor configuration with an nVidia graphics card.

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