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I am Daniel Mietchen, a biophysicist working as a data scientist at the University of Virginia, focusing on the integration of scientific workflows with the Web through open research and open science, particularly around data sharing, data management and FAIR data and with an emphasis on biomedical research.

Prior to that, my methodological research focus was on Magnetic Resonance Imaging, thematically on the evolution of animal communication systems, vocal learning, brain morphometry, music perception and semantic integration of the biodiversity literature (see list of publications and biographical sketch).

My activities at Wikimedia concentrate on science, medicine, disaster management and sustainable development, on cooperation across languages, projects and chapters as well as on outreach to scientific communities.

I am active across Wikimedia platforms and particularly involved with the WikiCite initiative, which aggregates and curates bibliographic and citation data across fields to support open knowledge communities and platforms like the Wikimedia projects. This grew out of WikiProject Open Access, which tries to improve Wikipedia coverage of topics related to open access and open science and to facilitate the reuse of materials from open access and open science resources in Wikimedia projects.

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