Madison Police Department
Motto"Policing in partnership
with our community.
Agency overview
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionMadison, Wisconsin, United States
Size219.4 km² (84.7 sq mi)
Population228,775 (2007 est.)
Legal jurisdictionCity of Madison
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters211 S. Carroll St
Madison, Wisconsin
Officers438 (2009)
Agency executive
  • Noble Wray, Chief of Police
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The Madison Police Department is the chief law enforcement agency in the city of Madison, Wisconsin. The current police chief is Noble Wray.



Fallen officersEdit

Since the establishment of the Madison Police Department, 4 officers have died in the line of duty. [1]

Officer Date of Death Details
Patrolman Grant Dosch
Monday, February 4, 1918
Patrolman Herbert Dreger
Tuesday, December 2, 1924
Patrolman Palmer Thompson
Monday, January 4, 1926
Patrolman Edward Francis Riphon
Monday, May 16, 1932



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Ranks and insigniaEdit

Title Insignia
Assistant Chief
Police Officer

Test test test

Districts and sectorsEdit

Madison police and fire department responding at a scene.


The Central Police District encompasses the central area of the city and is bounded to the west and south by the U.W. Hospitals, Campus Drive, Old University Avenue, Breese Terrace, and Regent Street. The east boundaries are Fordem Avenue, First Street, East Washington Avenue, Winnebago Street, and Atwood Avenue.


The East District encompasses the area South of Lien Rd, and East of Interstate Highway 90/94. It is bordered on the west by Lake Monona, and the City of Monona. It also includes a newly annexed area East of Highway 90 along Highway 12-18.


The North District is bounded by Lake Mendota and Maple Bluff to the West, East Washington Avenue and Highway 30 to the south, and Highway 90-94 to the East. It also includes the newly annexed area East of Hwy. 90-94 and North of Highway 151 to the Sun Prairie border.


The South Police District encompasses the areas of the City of Madison which are south of the south shoreline of Lake Mendota, and the areas south of Regent Street and Speedway. The South District is bounded to the east by Monona Avenue, and on the West by Seminole Highway.


The West District covers the area to the west of Speedway, Nakoma Rd., and Seminole Highway. It extends south to Highway PD, and is bordered roughly on the west by the Beltline Highway.

Equipment and vehiclesEdit

Since the 1990s, most of the police vehicles used by the Madison Police Department have been Ford Police Interceptors."[2] Prior to then, the Madison Police used a variety of vehicles including Ford Fairlanes, Taureses, Plymouth Gran Furys, Dodge Diplomats, Chevrolet Impalas, Caprices and Novas.[2] However in early 2010, it was reported that the department ordered ten Dodge Chargers with police packages.[2] The new police cars reportedly cost about $50,000 (USD) each.[2] The Madison Police Department may decide to replace their entire fleet with the Chargers since Ford is retiring the Police Interceptor model.[2]


  • Again in November 2008, the Madison Police came under fire for not responding to a call of a fight in an east side park, this fight resulted in another murder, the MPD claimed it was during a shift change in which they only respond to major calls.
  • In April 2008 The Madison Police and Dane County 911 center came under fire after the Murder of UW-Madison student Brittany Zimmerman. Brittany allegedly called and was cut off. Breaking procedure the 911 center did not return the call. Many people believed that had the call been returned MPD may have been dispatched thus preventing the homicide.
  • In 2007 the MPD was heavily criticized after a string of burglaries on the city's west side. It was department protocol not to respond to security alarms and let the business or firm handle it, this has since been reversed.

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