If you have any interest in editing Wikipedia by smartphone, I encourage you to read my essay, Smartphone editing. Thank you.

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In architecture, a bracket is a structural or decorative member that attaches a smaller object to a larger one. It projects from a wall, usually to carry weight and sometimes to strengthen an angle. Corbels and consoles are types of brackets. This picture shows a classical decorative bracket, attaching the base of a balcony to the walls of the chapel at Greenwich Hospital, London. The plasterwork was created by hand in situ by the eminent stuccoist John Papworth.

Greenwich Hospital (originally the Royal Hospital for Seamen) was founded in 1694 to provide a home for retired seamen of the Royal Navy, support for their widows and education for their children. Designed by Sir Christopher Wren, the chapel was not completed until 1742. The present chapel dates from 1779 to 1789, having been rebuilt to a design by James Stuart following a devastating fire that gutted the previous structure. The buildings of the hospital were later used by the Royal Naval College and the University of Greenwich, and are now known as the Old Royal Naval College, a World Heritage Site.Photograph credit: Daniel Case

This editor is now an admin. Image not added by Cullen, but rather by an admiring colleague.

Welcome New Editors! Please feel free to ask any questions on my talk pageEdit

Speaking about the Teahouse at the Bay Area WikiSalon, December 21, 2016

Wikipedia can be a tricky place for beginners. I am happy to be of assistance. You may also find Wikipedia:A Primer for newcomers to be a useful introduction to editing. Another great place to get help with editing is the Teahouse, where I am an active host.

Call me Cullen, or call me JimEdit

Cullen328, also known as Jim Heaphy

My real name is Jim Heaphy. I have been contributing to Wikipedia since June 28, 2009. I became an administrator on July 23, 2017. I am committed to the principles of Wikipedia, including the neutral point of view, and try to improve articles in areas where I have some expertise or interest. I always appreciate constructive criticism.

As a child, I spent many pleasurable hours browsing the World Book Encyclopedia but never imagined back then that I would be an encyclopedia editor myself one day. Despite its problems in some areas, I truly think that Wikipedia is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and am proud to make my own small contributions to this worthy project.

I was born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area and will always consider Detroit my home town. However, I have spent over 2/3 of my life in California, and am now thoroughly a Californian.

I worked myself through college slowly. I attended City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University. I graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1982. My major was Human Relations and Organizational Behavior.

I now live in the wonderful city of American Canyon, California, at the southern end of the Napa Valley. I am 67 years old, and am a married male with two adult sons and a wonderful granddaughter. I have been self employed as a small business owner in the construction industry for 26 years, and have been an occasional freelance writer and public speaker for decades.

My interestsEdit

I have a lot of interests, among which are American history, Abraham Lincoln, California, the history of mountaineering, the Sierra Nevada, Mount Shasta, the Arts and Crafts movement, Native American artists, San Francisco, wine, cooking, plein air landscape painting, photography, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, antique and classic cars, the history of Michigan, and Judaism. I am fascinated with American politics but try to keep it a small part of my editing. I am a book lover, and enjoy fact checking and adding useful references to existing articles, as well as writing new articles on notable subjects that interest me. Please let me know if signs of bias creep into anything I write.

I strive to be fair in my editing and broad about the kind of articles I work on. I am a Democrat, but wrote an article I'm very proud of about a Republican I admired, Norman Livermore. I am a Jew, but wrote an article about a Hindu religious festival, Kalpataru Day and a Russian Orthodox church, Holy Virgin Cathedral. I am an American, but have expanded articles about people from all over the world.

Disclosure of potential conflicts of interestEdit

When editing on Wikipedia, I always strive to make improving the encyclopedia my highest priority. I edit most often in areas I care about, but I also edit in areas I've learned about and become interested in through Wikipedia, especially in Articles for Deletion (AfD) debates.

I have been a member of the Sierra Club since 1976, and many of my early contributions to Wikipedia have to do with notable people and places associated with the Sierra Club and the mountains of California in some way. I am disclosing my club membership, but also want to state that I am not now nor have ever been an officer or employee of the club, and my contributions are my own, and not coordinated with anyone else. Over the years, I have become a generalist editor, and no longer focus in that specific area, although I still care very much about those topics.

I am self-employed in the construction industry, and provide a very specialized service on a freelance basis. My small business specializes in repair and maintenance of Solid surface and Granite countertops. I've done relatively little editing in these areas, with the exception of one related article I wrote, Oxide jacking. I discussed this article with other experienced editors, to be sure that I was on the right track.

I will always disclose and freely discuss any potential conflict of interest. I pledge that adherence to Wikipedia's Five Pillars and all applicable Wikipedia policies and guidelines will always come first for me as an editor.

User:ChesPal and User:AmCanDaveEdit

My wife Debra and I at the Wikimedia Foundation offices in San Francisco in 2006 with our Boston Terrier, Dexter (2007-2019)

My wife edits Wikipedia under the username ChesPal, though she isn't as active as I am. She had an idea for her first article, she and I worked on it together, and developed it at the San Francisco WikiWomen's Edit-a-Thon. The article is Amish dolls. She has also written a second article, Shawnee Pottery, and has done a great job expanding existing articles William B. Ide Adobe State Historic Park and Lion Brand, with a bit of assistance from me.

My son David has begun editing Wikipedia, under the account AmCanDave. He has made some edits to Arlen Ness, with my assistance and guidance, as he has learning disabilities. He would like to do more editing, based on his own research and interests. I will assist him with Wiki markup, but his contributions are his own.

Antidote to dramaEdit

I like this perceptive essay on problematic Wikipedia editors, Observations on Wikipedia behavior, and recommend it to anyone who is interested.

Categories I've CreatedEdit

Contributions to Featured articlesEdit

Major contributions to Good articlesEdit

Salade niçoise | George Meany | Cedric Wright | Vaillancourt Fountain | Morleigh Steinberg | Harry Yount

I have also done significant copy editing at Hotel Polen fire. Although I did little direct editing, I provided recommendations on the talk page, and ongoing advice to the most active editor at Gun show loophole.

I am proud of these articles, appreciate the input of other editors, and also, I invite any editor to pitch in and help improve any of these articles.

Articles I've written (I don't own them, I just started them)Edit

Here I am in front of the Vaillancourt Fountain in San Francisco. I wrote the article about this controversial fountain.

Rainbow baby | Kamifūsen | Soleil Ho | Raymond Dabb Yelland | Zenith Radio Nurse | Aunt Sammy | Jan Shrem | Manetti Shrem Museum of Art | Yusuf Ahmed Sarinle | Ocean to Ocean Automobile Endurance Contest | Larry Pinkney | Grace Quan | Marina Rustow | Sebastian Ruth | Joe's Special | The Terror (1920 film) | Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (organization) | Adele Stimmel Chase | Rondal Partridge | Imogen and Twinka at Yosemite | Alyce Frank | Lee Bycel | Leni Sinclair | Wolf House | Norman Dyhrenfurth | Last Will and Embezzlement | Vaillancourt Fountain | Israeli breakfast | Skookum doll | Parcel tax | Dudley Perkins (motorcyclist) | Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic | Jeffrey Bleustein | Breach of Peace: Portraits of the 1961 Mississippi Freedom Riders | 1970 Memorial Park riot | Mary Gardiner | Suomi NPP | Oxide jacking | Life net | Polaroid Z340 | Dugan Aguilar | Chris Brown (dancer) | Sonoma TrainTown Railroad | High Sierra Camps | Fred R. Archer | I Gotta Know (Wanda Jackson song) | Gladding, McBean | Sierra No. 3 | Al Qöyawayma | Moonlight Cocktail | Fred Rosenbaum | They Call the Wind Maria | Hagafen Cellars | Cedric Wright | Dirk van Erp | Joseph Asher | Jules Eichorn | Allen Steck | Robert L. M. Underhill | Miriam O'Brien Underhill | Glen Dawson | Horse Camp | Tom Frost | Mount Whitney Fish Hatchery | Chuck Pratt | Bestor Robinson | Shelton Johnson | Mezzetta | Richard M. Leonard | William Siri | Lute Jerstad | Leland Curtis | Robert Clunie | Francis P. Farquhar Mountaineering Award | Nellie Charlie | Carrie Bethel | Ford Hunger March | Marin French Cheese Company | William S. Rice | High Trips | Norman Livermore | Whoa Nellie Deli | Bishop Mule Days | American Canyon High School | Kalpataru Day | Holy Virgin Cathedral

Collaborations with newer editorsEdit

Morleigh Steinberg | Lean design | Clarence Hotel | A Thousand Times Good Night

Articles I've expanded, revised and/or added photos toEdit

On my own, or at the suggestion of other editorsEdit

Akhilesh Reddy | List of Jewish American authors | Michael Tubbs | Hervé de Vathaire | Enlightenment Now | Peanut butter and jelly sandwich | History of the Jews in Trieste | Holmesburg Prison | Paul K. Guillow, Inc. | First Guaranty Bank | José Castro | Surly Squirrel | Streptanthus niger | Jessi Combs | Frank Fat's | Roberts Landing, California | Gavin Newsom | Toyota Sports 800 | Sandra Oh | California Genocide | Fiat 600 | NSU Prinz | Subaru 360 | Oracle Arena | Henry Raschen | Backpacking | Bear hunting | Packhorse | Crocker Art Museum | Charles and Ray Eames | The Black Panther (newspaper) | Sam Maloof | Ernest Hemingway House | Underwood Typewriter Company | Typewriter | Pilar (boat) | Mission Creek | Lefty O'Doul Bridge | Chase Center | Victor Hugo | Kataro Shirayamadani | Art Nouveau | Stearns-Knight | Watson School | Bill Graham helicopter crash | Franz Bischoff | Basket weaving | Pea Soup Andersen's | Maria Martinez | Waldo Peirce | George Bellows | Tiffany lamp | Haig Patigian | Helen Wills | Harvey Ellis | American art pottery | Van Briggle Pottery | Mahiole | Robert Gray (sea captain) | Newcomb Pottery | Motorized bicycle | Mariner of the Seas | Crochet | Pomo | Linden, California | Parks Reserve Forces Training Area | Vasudhara | Terrapin Crossroads | Sonoma, California | Francesc Palóu | Mount Conness | José Figueroa | Snowmobile | Eadweard Muybridge | Bing (company) | International Longshore and Warehouse Union | Harry Bridges | A. J. Foyt | Flying Merkel | Regina Company | Ives Manufacturing Company | San Francisco City Hall | Lionel Corporation | Abner Phelps House | Vehicle fire | Carnival Victory | World Erotic Art Museum | Charles Shaw wine | Webster's Dictionary | Gamble House (Pasadena, California) | Kevin Tsujihara | David Peel | That's Amore | Jack Brooks (lyricist) | St. Vincent de Paul Church, San Francisco | Bernard Tyson | Randy Fine | Golden State Model Railroad Museum | Field's metal | Carlos D. Bustamante | Tony Serra | Brett Kavanaugh | Dick the Bruiser | Webster's Dictionary | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | Darius Kinsey | Alice Walker | John O. Brennan | 2017 Olathe, Kansas shooting | Doug McConnell | George Banks | American Left | The Last Trump | Goldwasser | Haripal Kaushik | Gregory Scofield | The Shape of Water (film) | Red Thunder Cloud | Roy Moore | Steptoe & Johnson | François D'Haene | Jaune Quick–to–See Smith | Alexander Kreiser | Abigail Reynolds (artist) | Baby rattle | Layette | Courtland, California | Jules Dalou | Albert Ludovici, Sr. | Ryer Island Ferry | Howard Landing Ferry | Michael Tubbs | Brendan Bechtel | Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 | Josefina Howard | Kevin Starr | Steppenwolf (band) | Charles A. Wight | Bitter in the Mouth | Salade niçoise | Richard H. Frenkiel | Tennessee Williams | Harley-Davidson KR | Mustang (motorcycle) | Cushman (company) | Metz Company | List of individual weapons of the U.S. Armed Forces | Indian Motocycle Manufacturing Company | Flying Merkel | Presidio Terrace | Jerry Brown | Excelsior Motor Manufacturing & Supply Company | Harley-Davidson XA | José Figueroa | Dragster | Pallet | Richard North Patterson | Norman Solomon | Mick Murphy (guitarist) | Stacy Piagno | Sharon Runner | Crangon franciscorum | Terrapin Crossroads | Parks Reserve Forces Training Area | Joseph Alioto | Vasudhara | Nampeyo | Kataro Shirayamadani | Death of Kings | Brian Preski | Gabrielle Carteris | Janna Levin | Alsós | Zynga | List of members of the Black Panther Party | Nick's Cove, California | Ben Ezra Synagogue | Bataclan (theatre) | White Miles | Eagles of Death Metal | Valley Fire | Whispering Pines, Lake County, California | Hobergs, California | Middletown, California | Cobb, California | Ina Garten | Rough Fire | Roberta Grossman | Public Storage | Bernie Sanders | Amy's Kitchen | Peter Schiff | Bill Graham (promoter) | SAG-AFTRA | 2015 Waco shootout | Sonoma International Film Festival | Arlen Ness | Dallas municipal election, 2015 | Elizabeth Esty | Walt Disney | Charles Shaw wine | Mogollon culture | Ceramics of indigenous peoples of the Americas | Basket weaving | Arequipa Pottery | Oglala Lakota County, South Dakota | Jane Fauntz | Sean Parker | Donald MacDonald (craftsman) | Camp Stone | Snow Storm: Steam-Boat off a Harbour's Mouth | Jay Alexander | David Ellenson | Mariko Yamada | Betty Yee | First Presbyterian Church (Napa, California) | Napa County Courthouse Plaza | Alexandria Hotel and Annex | Yankel Feather | Divco | 2014 South Napa earthquake | Lenny McNab | Tony Stewart | Homo floresiensis | Parnell, Grattan Township, Michigan | Betty Reid Soskin | Black Bear Diner | Anne Brigman | Judy Dater | Aristides de Sousa Mendes | Moisés Bensabat Amzalak | Yolo Causeway | Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area | Sheri Fink | Mug shot | Gary Grimshaw | Paul Bradt | Middle Teton | Cattle in religion | Herman Bottcher | George Fischbeck | Thomas and Mary Poynton | Frederick Bee | German Shepherd | Casa de Fruta | Google | Stearns-Knight | Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre | Murder of Donna Jones | Lion Brand | Cedars of Lebanon (U2 song) | John Livermore | Amish doll | Akhil Reed Amar | Lella Vignelli | Michael Blakey (anthropologist) | Rudolph Kos | Mel Ramos | Goose Lake International Music Festival | Melvyn Maxwell and Sara Stein Smith House | George Meany | Hotel Polen fire | Michael McGinn | Medusa (Bernini) | CueCat | Wells A. Hutchins | Lincoln (2012 film) | Charles Krug | Yellow-bellied marmot | Fish toxins | Muntz Car Company | Chlorogalum | Saponin | Double Star | Albert M. Bender | Franz Bischoff | Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico | Cindy Pawlcyn | Harry Yount | Norman Clyde | Oscar Eckenstein | David Brower | Arlene Blum | | Ephraim Faience Pottery | mule | John Muir Trail | Mount Whitney Trail | Fifty Classic Climbs of North America | East Face (Mount Whitney) | Pendleton Woolen Mills | Yvon Chouinard | Harry Bennett | Half Dome | El Capitan | Maurice Sugar | Roy Ashburn | Baseball at the 1936 Summer Olympics | Annapurna | Theodore Solomons | William Kent (U.S. Congressman) | Mary Hunter Austin | Mountain Warfare Training Center | Duncan McDuffie | Les Mann | John Muir's Birthplace | Frederick Meyer | Charles Hitchcock Adams | Bear-resistant food storage container | Michel-Gabriel Paccard | Jacques Balmat | Ice axe | Whitney Portal | John Salathé | Royal Robbins | American Canyon, California | Yountville, California | Curry Village, California | Mount Shasta | The Mountaineers (club) | Mount Rainier National Park | Mount Garmo | John Muir | Lynn Hill | William Keith | Henry Way Kendall | Sierra Club | Hexes (climbing) | P. B. Van Trump | Ansel Adams | Yosemite Firefall | Lucy Telles | Rudy Wendelin | Fort Bragg, California | Noyo Harbor | James S. Hutchinson | Joseph N. LeConte | George Davidson (geographer) | Pack station | Walt Disney Family Museum | | Peter Croft (climber) | Benny Bufano | Mike Thompson | Levi Strauss & Co. | Siskiyou Union High School District | Mount Shasta, California | California Native Plant Society | Francis P. Farquhar | Otto Neumann (Artist) | Daniel Day-Lewis | Lands End, San Francisco | Ania Bien | Blanche Bruce | Dixiecrat | Steck-Salathé Route (Sentinel Rock) | SIG 522LR | Verner E. Suomi | Yosemite Lodge at the Falls | Tuolumne Meadows | Tioga Pass Entrance Station | Flag of California | Hudson Hornet | California and Hawaiian Sugar Company | Edmé Bouchardon | E. H. Harriman | Victor Hugo | Memorials and services for the September 11 attacks | John Smybert | Thomas Hancock | Charles Sumner | Cyrus Edwin Dallin | Appeal to the Great Spirit | Blacksmith | Peter Croft | Grueby Faience Company | Pope Clement XII | White Motor Company | Mill Valley, California | Nicholas Civella | Barnstar | Anchor plate | Abraham Lincoln Brigade | Albert L. Farr | Maffeo Barberini (1631–1685)

Found at Articles for Deletion, and helped to keep by improvingEdit

Kidnapping of Amber Swartz–Garcia | In der Falle | Journey to Portugal | Jū-Ni | Made to Stick | Dwarika's Hotel | Joe Nalo | Torah Project | Nitronic (prod) | Solly Afrika Mapaila | Yeshivat Shaare Torah | Steve Comisar | Fue Lee | Margaret Stock | Alan Bleviss | Arthur Busch | Alfredo Rouillon | Zoo Art Fair | Nels J. Smith | George Hindori | South Summit (Everest) | National Kitchen & Bath Association (prod) | Irvin Jim | Claires Court School | Edward MacDowell Medal | Carolein Smit | Lizard Squad | 2010 Hebei tractor rampage | Sommer Contemporary Art | Nikolaev Massacre | Hilmar High School | Hoërskool Brandwag | Pioneers of Alaska | Ali Nasr | Philip Guarino | Circle 7 logo | Krishnahari Baral | Kate Botello | Mashregh News | Roland De Wolk | Beerenberg Farm | Shantaveri Gopala Gowda | Ryton Woodside | Hunter Douglas | Julius Blum GmbH | Kwak Pom-gi | Mistress Quickly | Benicia Unified School District | Naomi Wilzig | Veda Shook | Hitler's Children | Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary | Mojtaba Tehrani | Gary Kowalski | Jenny Hill (politician) | Shipra Mazumdar | Romola Remus | Varietease | Leon Jordan | John Lucas Miller | Jennifer Lim (theatre actress) | Chris Davenport | Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr. | Camilla | iriver Story | Bob Shaheen | European Youth For Action | I.Y. Yunioshi | 1978 Agoura-Malibu Firestorm | Print Council of America | Death of Michelle Le | St. Mark's Episcopal Church (West Orange, New Jersey) | Joseph Mulder | Working People's Vanguard Party | Hoogar | Alacrite | August Hermann Ewerbeck | Kōbako | Sandusky Automobile Company | International Wildlife Film Festival | AnandTech | Orio Palmer | Falesco | Barack Obama Tucson memorial speech | Robert Harper Clarkson | George Watsky | Dick Levy | Rango Bapuji Gupte | George M. Daniel | Ethan Russell | Michelle Kaufmann | Heart in Oregon | Richard H. Hall | National RTI Forum | Grenville Anderson | Maria Filotti | Maria Filotti Theatre | Scott Backes | Jack Wishna | Akrom Yo‘ldoshev | Rob Stone (actor) | GoodWeave International | Bat World Sanctuary | Back In The Saddle Tour | Ballotpedia | Ben Kamin | Edit conflict | De Echoput | Kohara | Pope Valley Union Elementary School District

My record in Articles for Deletion debatesEdit

As of June 10, 2013, I have participated in 1528 Articles for deletion debates. I used SW's AfD Statistics Tool to analyze my participation in the 250 most recent deletion debates as of that date. Of the debates where there was a clear consensus, I was with the consensus 88.5% of the time. I recommended "Keep" 44.4% of the time, "Delete" 46.6% of the time, "Merge" 0.4% of the time and "Redirect" 8.5% of the time. I make a sincere effort to reflect Wikipedia's policies, guidelines and established consensus in my participation in Articles for Deletion debates.

My redlinksEdit

Possible future article ideas. Feel free to discuss on my talk page, or write one yourself.

Joe Black Fox | Tennessee Mafia Jug Band | Bill Denz | Alvina Hoffman | John Needles (cabinetmaker) | Michel Payot | Anthony Berger | Bev Johnson | Cesare Mondavi | David McAlpin | James K. Moffitt | Tom Killion (artist) | Joseph Worcester | David Rago | Russel Varian | di Rosa Preserve | Goldman Promenade | Thomas D'Agostino | Cesar Chelor | Earl Thollander | Deborah Oropallo

My DYKsEdit

You can see them here.

My Barnstars, Badges and AwardsEdit

You can see some of them here. Others can be found in my archives.

News media coverage of my Wikipedia editingEdit

Video of my presentation about the TeahouseEdit

You can watch a YouTube video of my December 21, 2016 presentation at the Wikimedia Foundation office in San Francisco. I also gave this presentation at WikiConference North America in San Diego in October, 2016. I analyzed one month of conversations at the Teahouse.

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