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ClueNet is a non-profit community who provide free unix-based services. ClueNet currently runs ClueBot, Wikipedia's most active anti-vandalism bot,[1] with over 600,000 edits. ClueNet also hosts the subversion repository for Wikipedia's "Request an account" interface.[2]

Other services include shell accounts, email accounts, and an IRC network which provides means to get help.

BeginningsEdit[3] and C&H Services,[4] two free shell account providers, met when they both used the now-defunct ShellsNet as their official IRC network. When the administrators of and C&H Services became disgruntled with the changes to the environment of ShellsNet, they left but maintained relations. C&H Services joined with EvilHosting's[5] IRC network and became EvilShells. When the IRC network fell apart, C&H Services and merged and became ClueNet.


ClueNet uses Kerberos for user-authentication and LDAP for user-authorization and user information. This allows a single ClueNet account to work across all of ClueNet's projects.

Clueful ChattingEdit

ClueNet is an online gathering point for users of Unix-like operating systems to gather with other users of Unix-like operating systems. One of the things unique to this community is that they promote correct grammar and spelling. One of the prerequisites to getting an account on the ClueNet servers is using correct grammar and spelling. This is called "Clueful Chatting".[6] Clueful Chatting is the method of typing in proper English, and not using protocols such as "leet" or the practice of adding improper suffixes like "z" or "0rz."


ClueNet has several free services.

ClueShells, ClueNet's free unix shell service, provides Linux shell accounts to users who apply and are accepted.[7]

ClueNet's free email service, ClueMail, is available to any user in good standing upon request.[8]

ClueNet also provides subversion repositories, blog hosting, picture gallery hosting, and access to a web-based OS to any user in good standing upon request.

ClueNet also hosts an IRC network for its users.[9]


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