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Name: Chris Nyborg

Born: 1972, in Norway.

Lives: Son (near Oslo), Norway

Works: Notary in the Diocesan Tribunal of the Catholic Diocese of Oslo

I've studied classical archaeology, classical history (and a semester of modern history), Latin and ancient Greek. My plan was to become an archaeologist, and I've worked on two excavations in Greece. A few years back, I had to leave my studies to take care of a family member who had fallen ill. Before I was able to go back to my studies, I had decide to study for the priesthood, and I'm now slowly paying off my student loan so that I'll be able to go down that road.

I'm the founder of the Churches of Rome Wiki, which took over from my website Churches of Rome'. I've also worked with others on a project called Chronology of Erections of Catholic Dioceses and Other Territorial Jurisdictions.

Most of my work on Wikipedia is done on the Norwegian (bokmål) one, where I'm a bureaucrat; I'm also an administrator on Commons.

I agree to multi-license all my contributions, with the exception of my user pages, as described below:

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