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About MeEdit

My name is Christoph, and I am born in 1973, not married. I live in Germany, lower saxony, Hildesheim and from Monday - Friday Hannover ;-). I am employed at TUI as Software-Developer with focus on Java, Database, PHP and Web-Technology.

Special InterestEdit

My most important topics are:

I think the look of Artikels is important. I really hate it, when, for example, tablesare a mess!

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...with this user was thisone: erster Edit.


Just fine

My pics

Lars Nieberg und Otto Becker
Ludger Beerbaum
CHIO 2004 in Aachen
Historisches Rathaus Duderstadt
Gedrehter Turm - Wahrzeichen von Duderstadt
Dom Duderstadt
Pelikan im Zoo Hannover
Naherholungsgebiet Sarstedt-Giftener Seen
Friesischesbrauhaus zu Jever
Ludger Beerbaum
Derby-Platz in Hamburg/Klein Flottbeck
TUI-Zentrale in Hannover
Schöner Elefanten-Schnappschuss