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National Basketball Association head coaches
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Some other stuffsEdit

History of NBA playoffs formatEdit

  • 1947-1948: Totally different set-up to what we're used to. (It's apparently modeled after the ice hockey playoffs of the time.) In the first round, the second-place finishers of each division play against each other in a best-of-three series, while the third-place finishers do the same. In the second round, the winners of those series play a best-of-three series against each other, while the first-place finishers play against each other in a best-of-seven series. In the finals, the winners of the two second-round series play against each other in a best-of-seven series.
  • 1949: A more familiar set-up, in which there are four best-of-three division semifinals, two best-of-three division finals, and a best-of-seven league championship series.
  • 1950: This year, there are three divisions. One team (presumably the one with the best record) gets a bye between their division's finals and the league's finals, while the winners of the other two divisional finals duke it out in the third round to secure the other spot in the finals. Overall, the playoffs follow a 3-3-3-7 format.
  • 1951-1953: Back to two divisions, but now with a 3-5-7 format.
  • 1954: The playoffs begin with three-team round robins in each division. These are followed by two best-of-three division finals and a best-of-seven league finals.
  • 1955-1957: Back to 3-5-7 format.
  • 1958-1960: Now there is a 3-7-7 format.
  • 1961-1967: Now there is a 5-7-7 format.
  • 1968-1974: 7-7-7
  • 1975-1983: 3-7-7-7
  • 1984-2002: 5-7-7-7
  • 2003-present: 7-7-7-7
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Three letter abbreviations of NBA teamsEdit

Boston Celtics BOS Chicago Bulls CHI Atlanta Hawks ATL Denver Nuggets DEN Golden State Warriors GSW Dallas Mavericks DAL
New Jersey Nets NJN Cleveland Cavaliers CLE Charlotte Bobcats CHA Minnesota Timberwolves MIN Los Angeles Clippers LAC Houston Rockets HOU
New York Knicks NYK Detroit Pistons DET Miami Heat MIA Oklahoma City Thunder OKC Los Angeles Lakers LAL Memphis Grizzlies MEM
Philadelphia 76ers PHI Indiana Pacers IND Orlando Magic ORL Portland Trail Blazers POR Phoenix Suns PHX New Orleans Hornets NOH
Toronto Raptors TOR Milwaukee Bucks MIL Washington Wizards WAS Utah Jazz UTA Sacramento Kings SAC San Antonio Spurs SAS