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I started out correcting spelling mistakes, and for a while found myself fixing and cleaning a ton of disambiguation pages. I also add to articles when I notice that information is missing, and sometimes this mushrooms into major copyediting.

Misspellings can be fun and helpful

Sometimes careless fingers can provide new, useful words. Here are some actual misspellings I have found and fixed, along with my proposed definitions:

(adjective): shaped more or less like a pyramid
(noun): a metallic element from the bottom row of the periodic table
(verb, past tense): lost its determination and broke into small pieces at the same time

Startling facts I have learned while working in Wikipedia
  • "Hamilton's miniatures are generally of small size ..."

Places in the US with names that don't make it easy to guess which US state they are in
Jersey Shore  
Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania
Kalifornsky, Alaska
Pacific (not Pacific, California [more than 120 miles from the ocean!], or Pacific, Washington [more than 90 miles!])  
Pacific, Missouri and Pacific, Wisconsin
Sweet Home  
Sweet Home, Arkansas (also Kentucky, Oregon and Texas). You were thinking Alabama, perhaps?
North, South Carolina

Countries that wanted Chris to leave so bad they issued him a passport

Places Chris has stayed in or flashed through:

  Countries States and Provinces
Spent years: Flag of the United States.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Pennsylvania.svg Flag of California.svg Flag of New Jersey.svg Flag of Delaware.svg
Spent months:   Flag of Arizona.svg Flag of Texas.svg Flag of New York.svg Flag of Illinois.svg
Spent weeks:   Flag of Maine.svg Flag of Maryland.svg Flag of Florida.svg Flag of North Carolina.svg
Spent days: Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Canada.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Flag of Bermuda.svg Flag of the Cayman Islands.svg Flag of Mexico.svg Flag of Denmark.svg Flag of Hungary.svg Flag of Slovakia.svg Flag of Jamaica.svg         Flag of Washington.svg Flag of Ohio.svg Flag of Virginia.svg Flag of Hawaii.svg Flag of Tennessee.svg Flag of Nevada.svg Flag of Colorado.svg Flag of North Dakota.svg Flag of Wyoming.svg Flag of the District of Columbia.svg Flag of Quebec.svg Flag of Ontario.svg Flag of British Columbia.svg
Spent hours: Flag of Ireland.svg Flag of Iceland.svg Flag of Luxembourg.svg Flag of Switzerland.svg All other US states except AK, AL, LA, MS
Idea and layout borrowed from User:Calton, who borrowed it from others

Articles Chris has writtenEdit

and is proud ofEdit

and would like to forgetEdit

I've already forgotten.

  I, Gaius Cornelius hereby award you this Minor Barnstar for all your brilliant minor edits! Gaius Cornelius 18:14, 13 November 2005 (UTC)

  I award this Workingman's Barnstar to Chris the speller in the hopes that he will continue living up to his user name, and keep showing up in my watchlist for fixing my spelling errors. Fluzwup (talk) 01:14, 21 November 2005

  ÁÈÎÖŪ   This Spelling Tireless Contributor Barnstar is presented to Chris the Speller for his continous contributions in Wikipedia. Presented by Tony the Marine 15:16, 29 November 2005 (UTC)]]

  A barnstar for a tireless wikignome. Your work is appreciated! Gflores Talk 08:50, 5 March 2006 (UTC)]]

 | For dedication to improving and expanding Wikipedia. Good job! Sharkface217 02:26, 31 October 2006 (UTC)

  The Tireless Contributor Barnstar   Good job! :-) 16:14, 14 November 2006 (UTC)

  The Philippine Barnstar Award   I hereby give you this Philippine Barnstar Award for your diligent efforts and untiring assistance to my Philippine-related articles. Keep up the good work! --Pinay06(Talk•Email) 18:21, 20 December 2006 (UTC)

I award you, Chris the speller, the very rare "No.1" Medal for your dedication and hard work in Wikipedia - well done! Tony the Marine 17:16, 21 December 2006 (UTC)]]

  The TomStar81 Spelling Award
Be it known to all members of Wikipedia that Chris the speller has corrected my god-awful spelling on the page USS Texas (BB-35), and in doing so has made an important and very significant contribution to the Wikipedia community, thereby earning this TomStar81 Spelling Award and my deepest thanks. Keep up the good work! TomStar81 (Talk) 22:51, 2 January 2007 (UTC)

  The Minor Barnstar   Chris, for fixing all the spelling mistakes, I award the Minor Barnstar. Keep up the good work! Kamope userpage talk contributions 23:34, 11 January 2007 (UTC)

  The Working Man's Barnstar   I hereby award Chris the speller this Barnstar for outstanding work in correcting my poor spelling - Manxruler 17:44, 27 January 2007 (UTC)

  Because of your dedication and your excellent work in Wikipedia, I have inducted you to my "Wall of Honor" Tony the Marine 21:30, 2 March 2007 (UTC)

  The Invisible Barnstar   Almost no-one gives recognition for the "invisible" dab work, but you deserve it. – sgeureka t•c 07:39, 22 November 2007 (UTC)

  The Barnstar of Diligence   For your continuous efforts in improving and correcting spelling errors, both on mine and other user-created article, I award this barnstar as a matter of thanks. Chris (talk) 18:55, 26 July 2008 (UTC)

  I award this The Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar to Chris the speller , for his work maintaining high standards of spelling on Wikipedia! FeydHuxtable 25 August 2008

  The Barnstar of Diligence   For kindness to all through dilligent wikignomery across many articles and several years Dakinijones (talk) 15:06, 4 December 2008 (UTC)

  The Working Man's Barnstar   For correcting the spelling of 'on board' in ~100 articles in the last 2 days. Crazy :) Rror (talk) 15:36, 1 July 2009 (UTC)

  The Barnstar of Diligence   This is in recognition for correcting spelling errors and other typographical errors in literally thousands of articles daily since October 24, 2005. Dan Dassow (talk) 16:47, 11 October 2009 (UTC)

  The Copyeditor's Barnstar   Phor yur gr8 wrk on Wikipedia fr fxing te errers of ppl lyke mi whu kan’t spel :D Wiki San Roze †αLҝ 12:45, 12 February 2010 (UTC)

  The Minor Barnstar   Peeple like me need poople like you! Amandajm (talk) 04:43, 26 February 2010 (UTC)

  The Great Arkansas Barnstar   I award you the Great Arkansas Barn Star for your work on cleaning up my numerous spelling and capitalization errors in the series, History of the Arkansas National Guard. Thanks for the hard work! Aleutian06 13:41, 8 November 2010 (UTC)

  The Original Barnstar   I would like to give you this barnstar for your tireless and often thankless work on Wikipedia. Though I've never communicated with you personally, you've corrected mistakes on many articles that I've contributed. Your work spans thousands of articles in every category, and is invaluable to the project as a whole. Best, -RHM22 (talk) 00:45, 25 January 2011 (UTC)

  The Great Arkansas Barnstar   I award you this Great Arkansas Barnstar for your efforts to correct my spelling in the article, Arkansas Militia and the War with Mexico? Aleutian06 (talk) 13:30, 17 February 2011 (UTC)

  The Minor Barnstar   Thank you! Andreas Philopater (talk) 19:29, 25 February 2011 (UTC)

  The Cleanup Barnstar   Hi Chris, I noticed your very helpful spelling corrections recently when you appeared on my watchlist, so I'd like to award you this barnstar as a token of appreciation for the hard work you do. Best wishes, SlimVirgin TALK|CONTRIBS 16:55, 22 April 2011 (UTC)