I am a Wikipedia editor who does a lot of janitorial work for the project; you are most likely to find me adding sources to articles; correcting multitudes of errors and ensuring the integrity of Wikipedia as a whole. This alone says everyone at Wikipedia must double down and work better to serve our readers. I've been working to bring up more Good Articles and now my first Featured content.

Article AwardsEdit

 This editor won the Million Award for bringing Spirited Away to Good Article status.
 This editor won the Million Award for bringing Dragon Ball to Good Article status.
 This editor won the Million Award for bringing Neon Genesis Evangelion to Good Article status.
 This editor won the Quarter Million Award for bringing FLCL to Good Article status.
 This editor won the Quarter Million Award for bringing Otaku to Good Article status.
 This editor won the Quarter Million Award for bringing Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 to Good Article status.


  For Good Articles in 2014 Wikicup.

  For Good Article Reviews in 2014 Wikicup.


Good ArticlesEdit

  1.   Great northern tilefish
  2.   FLCL
  3.   Otaku
  4.   The Castle of Cagliostro
  5.   Spirited Away
  6.   Dragon Ball
  7.   Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (film)
  8.   Neon Genesis Evangelion
  9.   Ghost in the Shell (film)
  10.   Satoshi Kon
  11.   On Your Mark
  12.   Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
  13.   Baconnaise
  14.   Bacon Explosion
  15.   Angels on horseback
  16.   Pleasure Beach Bridge
  17.   Fort Steuben Bridge
  18.   Ghost in the Shell (video game)
  19.   Congress Street Bridge (Connecticut)
  20.   East Washington Avenue Bridge
  21.   Joseph Webb House
  22.   Spira (Final Fantasy)
  23.   Anshei Israel Synagogue
  24.   Grand Street Bridge (Connecticut)
  25.   Fool's Gold Loaf
  26.   Great Captain Island Light
  27.   Blackledge River Railroad Bridge
  28.   Alden Tavern Site
  29.   Falkner Island
  30.   Applewood Farm
  31.   Winslow Ames House
  32.   Gurdon Bill Store
  33.   Acors Barns House
  34.   Nathaniel Backus House
  35.   Groton Monument
  36.   Haley Farm State Park
  37.   Smith-Harris House (East Lyme, Connecticut)
  38.   Lynde Point Light
  39.   Samson Occom Bridge
  40.   Joseph Carpenter Silversmith Shop
  41.   Avery Point Light
  42.   Berkshire No. 7
  43.   Elmer S. Dailey
  44.   Priscilla Dailey
  45.   House at 130 Mohegan Avenue
  46.   Great Captain Island
  47.   Black Rock Harbor Light
  48.   Hopeville Pond State Park
  49.   Fur-bearing trout
  50.   Ebenezer Avery House
  51.   Garbage Museum
  52.   Golden Age of Trucking Museum
  53.   Chester Rock Light
  54.   Bridgeport Harbor Light
  55.   Columbus (Providence, Rhode Island)
  56.   Kinne Cemetery‎
  57.   Dart Island State Park
  58.   Five Mile Point Light
  59.   Falkner Island Light
  60.   Old Bacon Academy
  61.   Mystic Seaport Light
  62.   Greens Ledge Light
  63.   Avery House (Griswold, Connecticut)
  64.   Who's Your Neighbor?
  65.   Ashland Mill Bridge
  66.   Bristol Customshouse and Post Office
  67.   Ashlawn
  68.   1761 Milestone
  69.   Essex Reef Light
  70.   The Cheese Special
  71.   Barrington Civic Center Historic District
  72.   Bristol County Jail
  73.   Bacon and Hams
  74.   John F. Adams House
  75.   Allenville Mill Storehouse
  76.   Benjamin Church House (Bristol, Rhode Island)
  77.   Beaver Brook State Park
  78.   Farm River State Park
  79.   Becket Hill State Park Reserve
  80.   The Mummy (1911 film)
  81.   Farmington Canal State Park Trail
  82.   Audubon Sharon
  83.   The Tramp Dentists
  84.   Brainard Homestead State Park
  85.   The Immortal Alamo
  86.   Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society
  87.   Above All State Park
  88.   Haddam Island State Park
  89.   Gardner Lake
  90.   The Blood Red Tape of Charity
  91.   Poor Jake's Demise
  92.   The Ways of Fate
  93.   Gnome Motion Picture Company
  94.   Adrift in a Great City
  95.   American Thermos Bottle Company Laurel Hill Plant
  96.   Sneak King
  97.   Roger Mowry Tavern
  98.   Shon the Piper
  99.   Avery Homestead
  100.   The Honor of the Family
  101.   The Restless Spirit
  102.   Fifth Ward Wardroom
  103.   Pomeroy State Park
  104.   Potter-Collyer House
  105.   Charles Payne House
  106.   First Ward Wardroom
  107.   I Love Bacon!
  108.   The Sea Urchin (1913 film)
  109.   The Actor and the Rube
  110.   Adrift (1911 film)
  111.   St. Elmo (1910 Thanhouser film)
  112.   Across the Way
  113.   Daddy's Double
  114.   Jane Eyre (1910 film)
  115.   She's Done it Again
  116.   Fire Station No. 4 (Pawtucket, Rhode Island)
  117.   The Actor's Children
  118.   Uncle Tom's Cabin (1910 Thanhouser film)
  119.   The Best Man Wins (1910 film)
  120.   The Girl of the Northern Woods
  121.   Foster-Payne House
  122.   Fuller Houses
  123.   Art's Auto
  124.   Pig Bride
  125.   The Playwright's Love
  126.   The Mermaid (1910 film)
  127.   A 29-Cent Robbery
  128.   The Mad Hermit
  129.   A Fresh Start
  130.   Collyer Monument
  131.   Gone to Coney Island and Booming Business
  132.   Division Street Bridge (Rhode Island)
  133.   Cupid at the Circus
  134.   Liberty Arming the Patriot
  135.   Her Battle for Existence
  136.   Jenks' Day Off
  137.   Not Guilty (1910 film)
  138.   The Two Roses
  139.   The Writing on the Wall (1910 film)
  140.   The Governor's Daughter
  141.   The Woman Hater (1910 Thanhouser film)
  142.   The Vicar of Wakefield (1910 film)
  143.   Paul and Virginia (1910 film)
  144.   The Flag of His Country
  145.   Avenged (1910 film)
  146.   The Girl Strike Leader
  147.   The Lucky Shot
  148.   The Converted Deacon
  149.   The Girls of the Ghetto
  150.   The Restoration (1910 film)
  151.   Lena Rivers (1910 film)
  152.   Thelma (1910 film)
  153.   The Girl Reporter
  154.   She Stoops to Conquer (1910 film)
  155.   A Dainty Politician
  156.   The Latchkey
  157.   The Doctor's Carriage
  158.   Tangled Lives (1910 film)
  159.   The Stolen Invention
  160.   The Convict (1910 film)
  161.   Home Made Mince Pie
  162.   Mother (1910 film)
  163.   An Assisted Elopement
  164.   Ten Nights in a Bar Room (1910 film)
  165.   Leon of the Table D'hote
  166.   Delightful Dolly
  167.   Oh, What a Knight!
  168.   Their Child
  169.   The Fairies' Hallowe'en
  170.   The Little Fire Chief
  171.   The American and the Queen
  172.   The City of Her Dreams
  173.   The Girls He Left Behind Him and The Iron Clad Lover
  174.   A Thanksgiving Surprise
  175.   Young Lord Stanley
  176.   The Wild Flower and the Rose
  177.   Value—Beyond Price
  178.   John Halifax, Gentleman (1910 film)
  179.   Rip Van Winkle (1910 film)
  180.   Love and Law
  181.   Looking Forward (1910 film)
  182.   The Childhood of Jack Harkaway
  183.   The Pasha's Daughter
  184.   Hypnotized (1910 film)
  185.   Baseball and Bloomers
  186.   Covered Bridges Today
  187.   Bertie's Brainstorm
  188.   Ring a Ring o' Roses
  189.   A Dog's Love
  190.   The Old Curiosity Shop (1911 film)
  191.   When Love Was Blind
  192.   Checkmate (1911 film)
  193.   Prompt Payment and Stealing a Ride
  194.   Only in the Way
  195.   For Washington
  196.   A Newsboy Hero
  197.   The Little Mother
  198.   Stage Struck (1911 film)


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