Urbanite, American, New Yorker, white, male, leftist.

I try to avoid overt or obvious bias, but don't know that I can always avoid unconscious bias.

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Articles I started are: Falasha - Topiary (and I took the dinosaur picture) - Nathanael West - Sybian - Infidelity - Life on the Mississippi - Ball gag - Sleight of hand - Beignet - Mendele Mocher Sforim - Adam Walsh - John Walsh - Rod Roddy - Earl Long - Blind date - Samovar - Lamaze - Chateau Marmont - Alexander Woollcott - Snidely Whiplash - Hallmark - Tinkertoy - Elinor Glyn - Raisin in the Sun - Harry Golden - America Oggi

I would be shocked to find more than a sentence I wrote on any of them. Such is Wiki life.

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I'm also on Friendster somewhere, I imagine.