Semi-useful things I've made


Credits to Fitch for his creation of the original IMDb arrow. I decided to elaborate with the rest.

What it doesEdit

This script changes the external link icon ( ) on some links to ones that show the site to which it links.


@import "//";

Put the about code at the top of your monobook.css (or other .css depending on your skin). I advise to not just copy/paste the script since new ones will be added over time. Also, feel free to update the script with new ones, better images, etc. In fact, I encourage it.


  • It uses CSS3, so it won't work in IE6 and possibly other browsers.
  • It has been tested in Monobook skin, should work in Chick, Simple and Myskin, does not work in other skins.
  • Code is located at User:Bob/externals.css