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  • SEE his obsessive collection of userboxes!!!!!
  • BE AMAZED by clear evidence of how even some of the best people in Wikipedia can occasionally be conned into giving unmerited recognition to others!!!!!
  • SCREAM IN TERROR at clear evidence that Don Quixote is far from being the most egregious example of his kind to have ever walked the planet!!!!!
  • LAUGH because of an unfortunately all-too-relevant discussion of his style of punctuation!!!!!

Badbilltucker (at least twice so far called "Bullfinger" on Wikipedia, also called several other unrepeatable things in person) is a pseudonym for someone who obviously does not want his real name to be known (duh). It is in fact the name of a now-deceased person whose company he was forced to endure for two years in college. It is also a name that he will never be able to forget (having tried repeatedly), and one he was all but certain would not already be in use. He was born in late 2005, at 5'5-1/2" (although he will never personally admit to being shorter than 5'6"), weighing in at approximately 190 pounds, in St. Louis, Missouri. He acknowledges up front that he has a slight tendency to overreact in some instances, and, if you're coming here because of one such instance, he begs your understanding and forgiveness. Please feel free to chew him out anyway though. Any and all theories of his being connected with the JFK assassination, the fall of the Roman Empire, or any connection whatsoever with the television program "Friends" will be immediately denied and cause the immediate filing of a civil suit for defamation of character. If cornered, he has an unfortunate habit of pulling flowers out of his posterior, so he should never be approached or interrogated. If sighted, please contact Arthur Dent, who knows how to deal with him. His hobbies include entering data into Wikipedia, reading, listening to the radio, and creating aliases for himself.

He wants to officially request of any parties who seek to take umbrage at any of his actions that they try to at least display the minimum standard of civility. He regrettably has a seriously genetically defective vocal apparatus, which has made coherent speech at best difficult for his entire life. Any changes in the degree of ambient neuromuscular tension requires an exponential increase in concentration and effort to remain audibly coherent. This was exacerbated by a death threat he received at work a few years ago. He resigned the position some months later after the employer refused to take any action for fear of negative publicity and possibly losing the case on the basis of the quality of the attorneys of the group the party who made the threat belonged to. Having tried to continue in that position for several months after the threat, with the rather higher degree of neuromuscular tension, resulted in a seriously compromised immune system which he is only recently more or less recovered from. On that basis, he very respectfully requests anyone who seeks to contact him to be at least moderately civil. For what it's worth, the fact that the death threat is still probably officially in place is the reason this user chooses to use an alias.

When he was a child, he was a great fan of Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy and loved the idea of the Encylopedia Galactica. He was stunned and overjoyed to find that he would be able to participate in the creation and development of the real-world equivalent here at Wikipedia. He freely admits that his writing style is a little dry (OK, very arid) and is confining himself for the most part to creating lists and categorizing other people's work, although he is working on at least one article from each of the WikiProjects below, often more than one. He knows that many (most?) of them will require rework to some degree or other, but thinks that it is better to have the data in hand less-than-wonderfully written than to wait for a masterpiece from someone else.

His one most noteworthy contribution to Wikipedia to date is a smart-aleck comment he made in a Wikipedia:Articles for deletion discussion about Pooky the teddy bear from Garfield. This comment was actually quoted (in full, oy vey) in the New York Times of all places, and The Wikipedia Signpost article mentioning it can be found here. Some of his less memorable work includes the creation of most of the subcategories of Category:People by city in the United States, adding project banners to a number of articles (no idea how many). He also greatly expanded the List of comic strips, and added details, or started pages, on a number of biographies of Americans, so far getting partially through some of the early "A"'s.

What does he do around here? Seemingly not a lot. He tries to keep the Project Directory kind of up to date, occasionally help projects in setup, and assess articles. Lots and lots and lots of articles, hence the high edit count. Still got over a million to go, though. If and when this ever gets done (ha-ha) he intends to go back to trying to either create or enhance biographical articles of notable, but not necessarily top-importance, people. For the near future, will probably be tagging all the Religion related articles, and assessing those which haven't yet been assessed, and generally taking the names of all sorts of theological entities in vain while doing so. His involvement in a variety of religion projects is if nothing else helped him to learn how to swear in a variety of faiths. He has a rather developed knowledge of the field of cultural anthropology/history of religion, however, and even proposed, in a rather pathetically-written college paper, the precession of the equinoxes theory of the basis of Mithraism some seven years before the paper to that effect was published in Scientific American. However, given his own paper's being little more than idle speculation and poorly-written at that, he has no doubt that his own pathetic little paper was in no way a factor in the independent development of the later published work, and mentions it only because his other accomplishments, as such, are so pathetically meager.

Lastly, some well-earned praise for some (certainly not all) of the people who deserve it. I can do what I want here, right?

  • Kirill Loshkin - Someone I first hesitated to mention (he gave me my first barnstar, and I didn't want to look like I was "sucking up"). He is the lead coordinator of the Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history, which shows great character and reputation in and of itself, and he has been invaluable in helping a drooling noob (me) get anything useful done on the Wikipedia:WikiProject Council directory.
  • Kingboyk - One of the best administrators I have ever encountered, expert with computers (unlike me), and a great sense of humor to boot.
  • Plange - It takes a lot of work to start a project, let alone restart one of the biggest ones around, the Biography project. And then working with the new Virginia project and the military history project to boot. In a year or two, a clear candidate for the Wikipedia:Wikihalo award.
  • Sergeant Snopake - may her future be as bright as her actions here were. Let's all try to make sure that things like what happened to her never happen to anyone else again.

I also have a page on the Wikimedia:Wikibooks site, where I hope to be adding some data soon.

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