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Task Source Request Approved Status Description
Add listas AWB Module BRFA1 5 May 2011 Runs weekly Add listas to Biography banners that don't have them. For a list of talk pages without listas, see Category:Biography articles without listas parameter
Remove WP banners AWB Module BRFA3 9 March 2012 Finished
11 March 2012
Remove WikiProject banners from talk pages that are approved by WikiProjects. Approved for: WikiProject Sports
Fixes DEFAULTSORT Standard AWB BRFA4 3 September 2012 Runs monthly Fixing WP:CHECKWIKI errors for DEFAULTSORT with: missing for titles with special letters (id=37) and special characters (id=6) and blank at first position id=88)
Adds WikiProject Biography banner AWB settings
AWB Module
BRFA5 9 September 2012 Runs weekly Adds the {{WikiProject Biography}} template to living biography articles missing the template. List of articles comes from a Wikipedia:Database reports/Untagged biographies of living people.
Cleans up WikiProject Biography problems Yobot17's AWB Module
AWB Module
BRFA6 14 September 2012 Runs weekly Adds work-group parameters to the {{WikiProject Biography}} template and fixes priority problems. Some of the lists of articles comes from Category:Biography articles needing priority parameter replacement, Category:Biography articles with plain priority parameter and Category:Biography articles with blank priority parameter.
WP:CHECKWIKI error fixing Standard AWB BRFA7 9 October 2012 Runs weekly several times A list of errors that AWB can and cannot do is located at User:Magioladitis/AWB and CHECKWIKI
Fix section headers Python script BRFA8 22 June 2013 Runs weekly Fixes accessibility issues in section headers
Fixing WP:LISTGAP problems Standard AWB BRFA9 26 February 2016 Removes blank lines between list items