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How do we write this thing?

... I was just reading that page and my mouse slipped and hit the edit button.
Then I tripped and as I was falling I hit the keyboard and typed all that content.
As I struggled to my feet I was pawing at the desk and the mouse came down and hit save.
• Crossmr 23:18, 16 December 2010 (UTC)

Why we are here
This project is here to  build an encyclopedia.  Please limit your actions here to things that help that goal.
• A Man In Black 21:46, March 1 2007 (UTC)

You know it ain't easy
The volume of corporate vanity/vandalism which is showing up on Wikipedia is overwhelming.
If we are to remain true to  our encyclopedic mission  this kind of nonsense cannot be tolerated. We are losing the battle for encyclopedic content in favor of people intent on hijacking Wikipedia for their own memes. This scourge is a serious waste of time and energy.
I am issuing a call to arms to the community to act in a much more draconian fashion in response to corporate self-editing and vanity page creation. This is simply out of hand, and we need your help.
• BradPatrick September 29, 2006 (→ see also: Wikipedia Signpost/2006-10-02/More CSD)

Assume no clue
Has anyone else noticed how spammers and other conflict of interest editors think the guidelines are for the other guy and what they are doing is "useful" and shouldn't be questioned? And they are completely sincere about that.
It's entirely plausible that an editor can plow blithely on, unaware of guidelines. Perhaps we need a corollary to Assume good faith called Assume no clue.
• JonHarder 03:27, January 19 2007 (UTC)

Wonkish & Arbish
We have dialogues here in two languages. Let's for the purposes of discussion call them Wonkish and Arbish.
In Wonkish, discretion stands for certain vague and disreputable areas of policy where what should happen is not yet properly regulated. In Arbish, you have always to look behind applications of policy to see intention and the application to the mission of  writing an encyclopedia. 
In other words, discretion in Arbish is read as saying that proactive admins are the main lines of defence of the project. It is much better to have them out there doing their best, taking the mop and bucket away from a few, than to do up the constraints ever tighter to preempt misuse of admin powers.
• Charles Matthews 03:23, October 1 2006 (UTC)

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Here are two quotes from the man whom E. O. Wilson called the lyric poet of human evolution,
who brought paleoanthropology to the attention of the world at large and made it interesting to us all:

“Change is the elixir of the human circumstance, and acceptance of challenge the way of our kind. We are bad-weather animals, disaster’s fairest children. For the soundest of evolutionary reasons man appears at his best when times are worst.”
— Robert Ardrey, African Genesis (1961)

"A skepticism concerning what one beholds—whether in the arts, in the sciences, or in the deeply etched channels of fashionable response—contains a force essential to the survival of civilized man."
— Robert Ardrey (1968)

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