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'Clevedon Pier

Red Arrows

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Warwick Castle

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Most pages I edit are edited based upon my personal knowledge and experience with that area. Where I provide information, it is genuine. Much of the information I provide is original source, not original research.

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I have a special interest in restoring stability to Zimbabwe and assisting the population in returning their lives to a more affluent lifestyle that was more prevalent prior to the announcement of Section 8 land acquisitions in November 1997. Zimbabweans will be familiar with that term "Black Day of November". Documenting history in Zimbabwe is mostly an exercise in fultility as the lack of high-tech infrastructure is at odds with the rest of the world. For example: The national newspaper is owned by the government. It tends not to publish information that is oppositionary or unflattering of ZANU party, and generally ignores facts that are established to present an imaginary exposition of what they want the truth to be. Animal Farm has been banned from sale and posession in Zimbabwe. Various Nando's Chicken TV ads are banned. Waving with an open hand can invoke police arrest as it considered "inciting riot in public".

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