Hello. 你好. Hola. नमस्ते. مرحبا. Hello. Здравствуйте. হ্যালো.

My climate charts can be found at this link. Please do check them out, as I spent a great deal of time on them. I'm going to be probably be much less active when I get another dog on April 7. I'll still edit, just not as much.


Basic infoEdit

As my username implies, my name is Alex. I live in Coquitlam, British Columbia. My ancestors can be traced from the British Isles and Finland. I consider myself an intelligent person, yet lazy when it comes to doing things I don't want to do.

My hobbiesEdit

In most of my free time, I usually explore the woods near my house, play video games, read/study about things I'm interested in, or talk to friends. I enjoy hiking and I love being with dogs.

My political viewsEdit

I believe that national sovereignty is incredibly important to securing the rights and prosperity of a nation, and personal freedom is important to securing the rights and prosperity of one's self. I believe that the current form of capitalism we practice has failed when we live in a world where 8 men on the planet owns as much as 4,000,000,000 of us, and 795 million people go hungry. I plan to write more in depth arguments about my views later on.


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