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Pakistani ancestry.
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Overseas Pakistani
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I am AK456. I have pakistani roots, but was born and raised in Austria.

Countries visted (in chronological order):
Country First visit Country First visit Country First visit
 Austria 1978  Spain 2005  Romania 2011
 Pakistan 1980   Switzerland 2005  Kenya 2011
 Slovakia 1989  United Arab Emirates 2006  Turkey 2013
 Germany 1990  Oman 2006  Poland 2014
 England 1991  Qatar 2006  Liechtenstein 2015
 Italy 1995  Jordan 2006  Sweden 2016
 Greece 1997  Saudi Arabia 2006  Denmark 2016
 Hungary 1998  Bahrain 2007  Croatia 2017
 United States 2000  Portugal 2008  Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017
 Canada 2000  Kuwait 2008  Morocco 2018
 Czech Republic 2001  Malaysia 2009  Lebanon 2019
 Belgium 2001  South Africa 2010  Ireland 2019
 Netherlands 2002  Egypt 2011
 France 2004  Slovenia 2011