Markevich, Alexander Prokof'evich

Markevich, Alexander Prokof'evich (on March, 6 (19) 1905, v. Ploskoe, Taraschanskiy district, Kievan province (Ukraine), Russian empire — on April, 23 1999, Kiev, Ukraine) is the prominent Ukrainian zoologist.


Gave birth in a village Ploskoe the Taraschanskiy district of the Kievan province (Ukraine). Father — Prokofiy Matveevich Markevich — served as a parish clerk in a rural church, mother — Maria Ieremeevna Bordashevskaya took place from the family of the impoverished Polish gentry. In 1906 the parents of A. P. Markevich chosen the place for live ukrainen village Nastashki. A family of future known worldwide scientist was religious. The senior brothers of A. P. Markevich after completion of cerkovnoprikhodskoy school studied in Kievo-Sofievskaya spiritual school.

In 1912 Alexander Prokof'evich Markevich is included in the 1th group of cerkovnoprikhodskaya school. On all objects had "five" and only on a calligraphy "4" with «+». From early years A. P. Markevich showed traction to knowledges, to the study of foreign languages. In 1915, after completion of 3th group of cerkovnoprikhodskaya school, a father drove a son to Kiev. Successfully handing over preliminary examinations, Alexander Markevich entered A-one of Kievo-Sofievskaya spiritual school (building was saved to our days). School was located on territory of the Sofievskaya cathedral. Classes, rekreacionnyy hall, dining-room, took place on the ground floor of school. On the second are sleeping rooms and rooms for preparation of home tasks. At the end of August, 1918, after summer vacations, A. Markevich, in connection with revolutionary disturbances in Kiev and area, not able to continue teaching in Kievo-Sofievskaya spiritual school. The permanent changing of power, hunger, unfavorable epidemiology situation, hindered continuation of studies. And only at the end of summer 1920 A. P. Markevich entered the last class of First Belocerkovskaya labour school (Ukraine). Large loading, related to the studies and work in a local regional museum prepare, did not hinder a young student to get busy by public activity. He was the member of students komitee, chairman of komission of culture, representative of students in pedsovet of tekhnikum. Took part in dramkruzhke, sang in student choir, visited the courses of bandleaders. Later, getting testifying to completion of courses of bandleaders, A. P. Markevich managed choir in Belocerkovskaya shelter for the Jewish orphans. Talented youth studied a jewish and freely socialized with the Jewish population of Ukraine, he also to perfection captured the Jewish deed.

On the spring of 1922, following advice of teacher-zoologist of labour school F. D. Velikokhat'ko, A. Markevich began the study of fishes of the river of Ros' (Ukraine). Repeatedly came forward with lectures about the researches on meetings of zoological group. His diploma work — «Fish of the river Ros'». By a young researcher large ichthyological collection was collected. Scientific researches of A. P. Markevicha underlay brochure of F. D. Velikokhat'ko «Fish Belocerkovschiny». A young scientist already at the beginning of the scientific creative way proved, as a persistent, meticulous researcher, not settling for no compromises. Alexander Markevich carried with a poetry, wrote poems. A few his poetic works it was devoted beggarly life of the Ukrainian villagers. There were among his "friends" envious persons, which carried maintenance of these verses to commissar, responsible for ideology in educational establishments. But, «world not without kind people». Labour head master I. I. Verockiy was limited to leaving back of «seditious poet». A. P. Markevich, from this incident, made off teaching on a year later, in 1925 After completion of tekhnikum, Alexander Markevich was pointed at working to the village Stavische of the Belocerkovskiy district. There he taught natural disciplines and German language at district labour school, and also biology in Stavischenskaya agroprofschool. Working at school one year, by a summer 1926 A.Markevich got direction from Belocerkovskogo narprosveta to Kiev on the Allukrainian higher instructor courses for preparation of methodists-biologists. Courses were organized on the base of Polytechnic institute. In 1926 successfully went in for exam in University of Taras Shevchenko (Kiev), at that time the Higher institute of the folk inlightening (HIFI). It was accepted on the first course of biological separation of profprosvescheniya. Simultaneously with studies, A. P. Markevich worked at the river Dniper biological station of Academy of sciences, visited practical work on an acquaintance with the fauna of fresh waters. Spared the special attention treatment of collection of higher crustaceas. Took part in the expeditions of the station under the direction of professor Dmitry Evstafievicha Beling (hydrobiological researches of the Dniper thresholds, research of reservoirs of the Winnitca district, study of pond economies of the Belocerkovskaya district). In 1928 A. P. Markevich is select the scientific secretary of Section of hunterresearch at the standing committee of VUAN with the study of productive forces of the Ukrainian republic. In student years was the secretary of agrobiological subject commission, member proftroyka of faculty, akademupolnomochennym, secretary of zoological seminar of higher type, member of prezidium of student regional group, head of student choral choir, read lectures in podshefnoy military part. In 1929 held a requiring payment position of lecturer in the club of railroaders, that some improved financial position A. P. Markevich. In 1930 with a difference finished University. Recommended Scientific advice in aspirantur to the professor I. I. Shmal'gauzen. But, for lack of place, on recommendation of I. Shmal'gauzen was accepted in aspirantur of the first in the country of laboratory parasitology and illnesses of fishes of the Ichthyological institute (All-union scientific institute of lake and river fish industry). Soon A. P. Markevichu was ratified a post-graduate theme is «Vermin and illnesses of fishes in Nemirovskaya economy». At the end of 1931 he protected candidate's dissertation. A. P. Markevich was appointed on position of item of research worker of laboratory of ikhtioparazitologii. In Leningrad he began intensive pedagogical activity. From 1931 to 1935 read the course of «Illness of fishes» in Leningrad fishindustry tekhnikum in Leningrad. The known scientific professor Valentine Alexander Dogel' headed a laboratory. Soon A. P. Markevichu was ratified a post-graduate theme is «Vermin and illnesses of fishes in Nemirovskaya economy». At the end of 1931 he protected candidate dissertation. A. P. Markevich was appointed on position of item of research worker of laboratory of ikhtioparazitologii. In Leningrad he began intensive pedagogical activity. From 1931 to 1935 read the course of «Illness of fishes» in Leningrad fishindustry tekhnikum. On 1933 held a position of associate professor of department of biology Leningrad chemical-technological institute engineers of public food consumption. In January, 1934 A. P. Markevich is appropriated rank of professor. He was invited on spring 1935 by his teacher an academician I. I. Shmal'gauzen to Kiev. A. P. Markevich led Section of morphology of invertebrates (Institute of zoology and biology of VUAN). In a that year began to discharge duties manager the department of zoology of invertebrates of the University in Kiev (1935—1941). In 1939 doctoral dissertation was protected - "Parasitic the veslonogie USSR and contiguous countries". A.P. Markevich accepts active voice in creation of the first in Ukraine of groups parasitologists on the base of the Kievan university and Institute of zoology Academy of sciences of UKRAINE. Along with scientific and pedagogical activity engaged in administrative social work. Leader and professor of department of zoology of the Kievan university, leader of department of parasitology of Institute of zoology Academy of sciences of UKRAINE, item research worker of Science institute of research of biology at University, member of Scientific advices of University of T.G. Shevchenko, Institute of zoology, Karadagskoy of the biological station, biological faculty of University, member of commission on parasitology problems at Academy of sciences of USSR, managing editor of scientific editions of faculty of biology of KGU, deputy of Stalin raysovet (Kiev). With beginning of Great Patriotic war (1941 - 1945) A. P. Markevich was in evacuation. At first in Saratov, and then in Ufa (Bashkirstan). In Ufa he continued researches of vermin and parazitozov of agricultural animals. Worked at the Bashkir research veterinary station, took part in a fight against epizootiya. A situation required veterinary knowledges and practical skills. A scientist captured speciality of veterinary doctor-parasitologist, methods of diagnostics and therapy of illnesses of agricultural animals, by the technique of pathoanatomical dissections et cetera. In October, 1943 Academy of science of UKRAINE was transported to Moscow. Alexander Prokof'evich Markevich began work in Institute of helmintology, headed an academician K. I. Skryabin. A. P. Markevich began to systematize and process materials of the researches, got in the period of scientific researches in Ufa. At the end of March, 1944 the employees of Academy of sciences went by the special train to Kiev. A. P. Markevich engaged in proceeding in activity of department of parasitology, departments of zoology of invertebrates and parasitology, was appointed on position of pro-rector on science of the Kievan university. In 1945—1950 headed the department of parasitology and invasion illnesses of the Veterinary institute (Kiev). In 1950 there is professor A.P. Markevich is select a member-correspondent Academy of sciences of UKRAINE. On January, 23, 1957 select an academician Academy of sciences of UKRAINE is zoology of invertebrates on speciality. In 1944—1958 managed the department of zoology of invertebrates of the Kievan university of T. Shevchenko. And also, in 1935—1970 is a manager by the department of parasitology of Institute of zoology, in 1946—1947 — deputy of director of this institute, in 1948—1950 is a director of Institute of zoology. In this period on the base of department of genetics of institute the department of acclimatization and selection was created, "Labours of institute of zoology" began to go out. A.P. Markevich in 1973—1978 is a manager by the sector of parasitology of Institute of zoology Academy of science of UKRAINE. In 1970 in Institute of hydrobiology Academy of sciences of UKRAINE on initiative of academician A. P. Markevich the department of hydroparasitology was created. In 1971—1973 and in 1978 is a manager by the department of hydroparasitology of institute of hydrobiology Academy of sciences of UKRAINE. In 1970—1972 A.P. Markevich is an academician-secretary of separation of general biology Academy of sciences of UKRAINE. Alexander Prokof'evich Markevich died after nasty long illness of April, 23, 1999. Buried on the Baikow cemetery Kiev (Ukraine).

Basic directions scientific activityEdit

Basic scientific researches are devoted zoology of invertebrates, problems of general and special parasitology. Parazitofaunu and parasitogenic illnesses of fishes of fresh waters of the USSR, origin of parazitizm and filogeniya of animal kingdom studied. Described many new types of parasitic organisms. A. P. Markevich is the founder of wide ikhtioparastology researches on Ukraine. His works in this area play a large role in the decision of theoretical problems of ikhtioparasitology in fish-farming economies. A. P. Markevich developed the row of problems of veterinary parasitology, the new is created them directions in parasitology — parazitocenologiya. A considerable deposit brought in A. P. Markevich in development of such directions general parasitology, as an origin and evolution of parazitizma, ways of forming of parazitofauny man and home zoons. A. P. Markevich is known also, as a historian of domestic zoology. The complete list of his scientific publications exceeds 500, in the number of which 20 monographs and row of textbooks. Large role in a revival and development of veterinary parasitology on Ukraine played, created on initiative of A. P. Markevicha in 1945 Ukrainian republican scientific society of parasitologists (URNOP). Among the special courses, geared-up and read A. P. Markevich, the special place is occupied by «General parasitology» and «Filogeniya of animals» which were inalienable from his scientific interests. Academician A.P. Markevich read also lectures on general biology, sravnitel'ny anatomy of invertebrates. During many years he entered in the complement of the specialized scientific council of defence of dissertations of Institute of parasitology and tropical medicine of Academy of medical sciences of the USSR. Advised planning and preparation of doctoral dissertations of many parasitologists of Ukraine and allied republics. From 1975 to 1990 entered in the complement of editorial board of magazine «Medical parasitology and parasitogenic illnesses» (Moscow). An academician Alexander Prokof'evich Markevich created school of Ukrainian prazitologov, which conquered authority not only in Ukraine, and in the countries of near and distant foreignness.