Uruguayan Basketball Federation

The Uruguayan Basketball Federation (Spanish: Federación Uruguaya de Basketball, FUBB) is the governing body of basketball in Uruguay. It was founded in 1915, and is in charge of the senior Uruguayan national basketball team and the Liga Uruguaya de Básquetbol (LUB).

Uruguayan Basketball Federation
Federación Uruguaya de Basketball
Founded1915 (1915)
Affiliation dateFIBA 1936
FIBA Americas 1975
Regional affiliationFIBA Americas
PresidentLuis A. Castillo


Under the presidency of Federico Crocker. Basketball languished in Uruguay under the effects of Association football's popularity; at the 1936 Olympic Games, however, the Uruguayan National basketball team obtained a sixth place, which helped boost the sport's popularity in the Latin American country. That same year, the "FUBB" became a member of FIBA. After, the Uruguayan Basketball team won two bronze medals, in the olympic games of Helsinki 1952 and Melbourne 1956, both times after USA and USSR.

Later on, basketball in Uruguay also confronted a rivalry in the form of rugby. Basketball has, however, enjoyed steady popularity in the country, a fact which has helped the Federación Uruguaya de Básquetbol in Spanish) to survive for more than 90 years.

Federico Slinger took over presidency of the federation in 1981; he remained in office for sixteen years, holding the record for the longest tenure as president of the Uruguayan Basketball Federation.

After the 2005 season, the "FUBB" announced that Uruguayan police had become considered an important ally in order to prevent violence among fans during or after professional basketball games in Uruguay.


A list of presidents of the Uruguayan Basketball Federation:

Period Name
1915 Federico Crocker
1916 Orestes Volpe
1917 José Pigni
1918 José Rodríguez Pacios
1919 Héctor Danero
1922 Juan Lagomarsino
1930 Pablo Luis Perazzo
1934 Carlos Rivieri Podestá
1937 Héctor Paysse Reyes
1938 Raúl Blengio Salvo
1939 José Martinelli Gómez
1940 Hugo Méndez Schiaffino
1942 Ruano Fournier
1946 Juan Aldo Siccardi
1948 Hugo Méndez Schiaffino
1950 Francisco Figueroa Serantes
1951 José Chávez Miranda
1952 Francisco Figueroa Serantes
1955 Pablo Pesce Barceló
1957 Washington Fradiletti
1960 Justo J. Orozco
1964 Omar Freire
1965 Alberto Casal
1966 Alberto Rossello
1981 Federico Slinger
1997 Ernesto Pereyra
1998 Germán Paz
2002 Luis A. Castillo
2016 Ricardo Vairo (current president)

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Uruguayan Basketball LeagueEdit

The professional era Liga Uruguaya de Básquetbol (LUB; Uruguayan Basketball League) competition began in 2003.[1]

Torneo MetropolitanoEdit

A list of Federación Torneo Metropolitano teams (2018):

Third division teams (DTA – Divisional Tercera de Ascenso)Edit

A list of Federacion Uruguaya de Basketball Tercera de Ascenso (3rd division) teams (2018):

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Uruguayan Federal Basketball ChampionshipEdit

The Campeonato Uruguayo Federal de Básquetbol (Uruguayan Federal Basketball Championship) was founded in 1915,[2] making it among the oldest basketball competitions on the South American continent. Until the Uruguayan Basketball League was created in 2003, the Montevideo clubs were playing in the Uruguayan Federal Basketball Championship, while the rest of the country's clubs played in regional tournaments. The Uruguayan basketball championships were only local, and no competition brought all of the clubs in the country together.

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