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Upadhyaya, also spelled Upadhyay (sanskrit: उपाध्याय), means Teacher or "Guru" in Sanskrit who taught students in Gurukula.

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In Jainism, an upadhyay is the second highest leader of a Jain ascetic order after an acharya. The Fourth Shloka of the Namokar Mantra says Namo Uvvajhayanam meaning bow to all upadhyayas.

In BuddhismEdit

In Buddhism, an upadhyaya is a religious functionary responsible for guiding novices, hearing monastic vows and entrusting monastic precepts on ordinands. The word is usually translated either as abbot, preceptor or master of novices. An upadhyaya has customarily spent at least ten years in a Buddhist monastery before given this appointment.

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