Dead Brain Cells

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Dead Brain Cells are a Canadian thrash metal band from the late 1980s. Called DBC for short, the band started in 1985 in Montreal as a small project named Final Chapter by guitar players Eddie Shahini and Gerry Ouellette, who put an ad in a magazine looking for a drummer. In 1986, former Vomit and the Zits singer Dave Javex Ray-O-Vac (David Leone) and former Unruled and Vomit and the Zits drummer Jeff Saint-Louis, joined with Shahini and Ouellette and guitar player Phil Dakin, who switched to bass. The project grew into a serious band which took the name Dead Brain Cells among three suggestions by Leone, the others being "The Mental Pukes" and "The Retarded Assholes".[citation needed] Lowe had made commitments to his job and could not sing with the band anymore.[citation needed] Dakin decided he would sing and play bass at the same time.[citation needed] The band released two albums and toured twice in the United States. Their first album, Dead Brain Cells, was released in 1987. It was followed by a concept album, Universe, in 1989.

Dead Brain Cells
OriginMontreal, Quebec, Canada
GenresThrash metal, speed metal, crossover thrash, hardcore punk
Years active1986–1993, 2002–present
LabelsCombat Records
Associated actsNorth End Metal All-Stars, Terratomb, Hellacaust
MembersEddie Shahini
Phil Dakin
Jeff St. Louis
J. Quinn
Graham Ferguson
Past membersGerry Ouellette

Their song, "The Genesis Explosion", was featured in a Canadian television commercial for Microcell Telecommunications in 2005.[citation needed] The commercial depicts an older woman using her cell phone to win a radio call-in show.

The band's guitarist, Gerry Ouellette, died on November 12, 1994.

Shahini started a new band in 2009 called Kill of Rights, it includes music written from 1986 to 2013. They released their first album Sign of the Crimes on February 15, 2014.


  • Dead Brain Cells (1987)
    1. "Deadlock"
    2. "Monument"
    3. "Lies"
    4. "Power and Corruption"
    5. "Tempest"
    6. "Public Suicide"
    7. "Negative Reinforcement"
    8. "Outburst"
    9. "M.I.A."
    10. "Terrorist Mind"
    11. "The Vice"
    12. "Trauma X"
    13. "Final Act"
  • Universe (1989)
    1. "The Genesis Explosion"
    2. "Heliosphere"
    3. "Primordium"
    4. "Exit the Giants"
    5. "Rise of Man"
    6. "Estuary"
    7. "Humanity's Child"
    8. "Phobos and Deimos"
    9. "Threshold"
    10. "Infinite Universe"

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