Uniform Vehicle Code

The Uniform Vehicle Code (UVC) is a privately prepared set of United States traffic laws prepared by the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances, a private non-profit organization. Most of the members are state governments, in addition to some related organizations. The extent to which the code is used varies by each state, the District of Columbia, territory, and Native American tribe. It was last updated in 2000.


Some time not long after the release of the 2000 edition, " [the] NCUTLO went into hiatus because of a lack of funding. The primary problem was that the Internet provided, at no cost, much of the information that was previously easily available only from the committee for the cost of an annual membership."[1] It has since ceased operations. In the absence of NCUTLO, the NCUTCD (the NCUTLO's counterpart in the development of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) has appointed a task force to review potentially outdated portions of the most recent edition of the UVC, and to propose updated language. The last update was issued in 2015.[2]


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