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UID may refer to:

Identifying numbersEdit

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In other areasEdit

  • PubMed 'Unique Identifier' parameter (PMID) designating specific scientific publication abstracts (PubMed § PubMed identifier)
  • 'Unique Item Identifier', a specific value in the IUID (Item Unique Identification) system used by the United States Department of Defense for the identification of accountable equipment according to DoD Instruction 5000.64
  • Aadhaar number, originally the Unique Identification Number, an initiative of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) of the Indian government to create a unique ID for every Indian resident
  • uID Center, a nonprofit organization in Tokyo, Japan, responsible for the Ucode system for uniquely identifying real-world objects electronically
  • German for: "UID = Umsatzsteuer Identifikation" (English: VAT identification number, VAT = value-added tax)


Other usesEdit

  • Unidentified decedent, a deceased person whose body has not yet been identified
  • Unintelligent Design, a satirical reaction to the Intelligent Design movement
  • Unit Identification, an LED used as a means of locating a specific computer server in a server room
  • Universal Instructional Design, an educational method that tries to deliver teaching to meet the needs of wide variety of learners
  • User interface design, device design with the focus on the user's experience and interaction

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