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U.S. Route 63 (US 63) is a major 1,286-mile (2,070 km) north–south United States highway primarily in the Midwestern and Southern United States. The southern terminus of the route is at Interstate 20 in Ruston, Louisiana. The northern terminus is at U.S. Route 2 8 miles west of Ashland, Wisconsin

U.S. Route 63 marker

U.S. Route 63
Route information
Length1,286 mi[citation needed] (2,070 km)
Existed1926[citation needed]–present
Major junctions
South end I-20 / US 167 at Ruston, LA
North end US 2 west of Ashland, WI
StatesLouisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin
Highway system

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U.S. 63 overlaps US 167 for its entire route in Louisiana, from Ruston north, to Junction City, at the Arkansas state line, a distance of 35 miles (56 km).[citation needed]


U.S. 63 overlaps numerous other Interstate and U.S. highways on its way from Junction City, at the Louisiana line, north to Mammoth Spring, at the Missouri line; along the way it crosses one U.S. highway twice, and just misses crossing three others twice:[1]

Many of these concurrencies and multiple crossings occurred when the south end of U.S. 63 was extended from Turrell to Ruston in 1999, in a very different direction from the Mammoth Spring-to-Turrell segment; the only non-concurrent parts of the extension are from Hazen to Stuttgart (formerly Arkansas Highway 11) and Pine Bluff to El Dorado (formerly Arkansas Highway 15). In addition, U.S. 63 from Jonesboro (including the U.S. 49 concurrency) to Turrell is now designated as Interstate 555, which involved building service roads and a few other upgrades to interstate standards. It has been questioned as to whether or not U.S. 63 will be rerouted to eliminate the dogleg from Jonesboro to West Memphis to Hazen. Possible reroutings could be U.S. 63/49 from Jonesboro to Brinkley and U.S. 63/70 from Brinkley to Hazen or U.S. 63/AR 1 from Jonesboro to Forrest City and U.S. 63/70 from Forrest City to Hazen.


Jefferson City Bridge

The highway passes south-to-north through Missouri, from Arkansas to Iowa, serving cities such as Rolla, Jefferson City, Columbia, Moberly, Macon, and Kirksville. Notable routes that are intersected include U.S. Route 60 in Howell County, Interstate 44 at Rolla, U.S. Route 50 (which it shares a concurrency with into Jefferson City south of the Missouri River until it reaches the junction with U.S. 54), U.S. Route 54 (which it overlaps in Jefferson City from the junction with U.S. Route 50 and crosses the Missouri River with on the Jefferson City Bridge), Interstate 70 at Columbia, U.S. Route 24 at Moberly, U.S. Route 36 at Macon, and U.S. Route 136 at Lancaster.

Stonehenge next to U.S. Route 63

U.S. 63 in Missouri was Route 7 from 1922 to 1926.


U.S. 63 passes south-to-north through Iowa. It enters the state from Missouri south of Bloomfield. Between Ottumwa and Oskaloosa, the highway overlaps Iowa Highway 163. This segment is an expressway which connects Des Moines with Burlington, with freeway bypasses of Ottumwa and Eddyville. Near Malcom, U.S. 63 meets Interstate 80. Only a few miles later, it joins U.S. 6 westbound for several miles near Grinnell, then goes north again. At Toledo, it intersects U.S. 30 and at Waterloo, U.S. 63 meets U.S. 20. An expressway section opened in October 2012, completing the four-lane link between Waterloo and New Hampton.[2] The highway enters Minnesota just north of Chester.


U.S. 63 enters Minnesota from Iowa south of Spring Valley. After meeting Interstate 90, U.S. 63 serves the local airport and then intersects with U.S. Route 52. In this area, U.S. 63 is an expressway, but plans are to upgrade the highway to a freeway between Stewartville and the U.S. 52 interchange. In 2014, U.S. 63 was rerouted around downtown Rochester, running concurrently with U.S. 52 to 75th St NW, jutting back to the east to the existing route. North of Rochester, the highway meets U.S. Route 61 at Lake City. From there, the two routes run concurrent to Red Wing, where U.S. 63 turns north and crosses the Mississippi River to enter Wisconsin over the Eisenhower Bridge.

The Minnesota section of U.S. 63 is defined as Routes 59 and 161 in Minnesota Statutes §§ 161.114(2) and 161.115(92).[3][4]


Main article: U.S. Route 63 in Wisconsin

U.S. 63 enters Wisconsin south of Hager City. Near Baldwin, U.S. 63 intersects Interstate 94. The highway briefly overlaps near Spooner with U.S. Route 53. At Trego, they separate and U.S. 63 runs southwest to northeast, passing through Hayward & Cable most notably, and ending near Ashland at U.S. Route 2.


Though US 63 as a stand-alone highway had always ended at Turrell, Arkansas before the 1999 extension, in the past it was concurrent with US 61/US 64/US 70/US 79 (and later I-55) on into Memphis, Tennessee, over the Memphis & Arkansas Bridge. Unlike the 1999 extension, this concurrency to Memphis was generally in line with the rest of US 63. Though some maps continued to show this concurrency until 1999, Arkansas had not recognized US 63 south of Turrell for many years, since at least the 1960s.

Major intersectionsEdit

   I-20 / US 167 in Ruston. US 63/US 167 travels concurrently to El Dorado, Arkansas.
  US 82 in El Dorado
  Future I-69 south of Warren
  US 278 in Warren
    I-530 / US 65 / US 79 in Pine Bluff. I-530/US 63/US 65 travels concurrently through the city. US 63/US 79 travels concurrently to Stuttgart.
    I-530 / US 65 / US 425 in Pine Bluff
  US 165 in Stuttgart
  US 70 in Hazen. The highways travel concurrently through the city.
  I-40 in Hazen. The highways travel concurrently to West Memphis.
  US 49 in Brinkley
  US 79 south of Jennette. The highways travel concurrently to West Memphis.
      I-40 / I-55 / US 61 / US 64 / US 79 in West Memphis. I-55/US 63 travels concurrently to Turrell. US 61/US 63 travels concurrently to Turrell. US 63/US 64 travels concurrently to Marion.
    I-55 / I-555 / US 61 in Turrell. I-555/US 63 travel concurrently to Jonesboro.
  US 49 in Jonesboro. The highways travel concurrently through the city.
   Future I-57 / US 67 in Walnut Ridge. The highways travel concurrently to Hoxie.
  US 412 southeast of Portia. The highways travel concurrently to Hardy.
  US 62 in Imboden. The highways travel concurrently to Hardy.
  US 160 in West Plains. The highways travel concurrently through the city.
  US 60 southeast of Willow Springs. The highways travel concurrently to southeast of Cabool.
  I-44 in Rolla
  US 50 north of Westphalia. The highways travel concurrently to Jefferson City.
   US 50 / US 54 in Jefferson City. US 54/US 63 travels concurrently through the city.
   I-70 / US 40 in Columbia
  US 24 in Moberly
  US 36 in Macon
  US 136 south-southeast of Glenwood. The highways travel concurrently to Lancaster.
  US 34 in Ottumwa. The highways travel concurrently to east of Ottumwa.
  I-80 south of Malcom
  US 6 north of Malcom. The highways travel concurrently to north-northwest of Malcom.
  US 30 in Toledo
  US 20 in Waterloo
  US 218 in Waterloo.
  US 18 west of Fredericksburg. The highways travel concurrently to New Hampton.
  I-90 in Stewartville
  US 52 in Rochester
  US 14 in Rochester
  US 61 in Lake City. The highways travel concurrently to Red Wing.
  US 10 west of Ellsworth. The highways travel concurrently to east of Ellsworth.
  I-94 in Baldwin
  US 12 in Baldwin. The highways travel concurrently through the village.
  US 8 in Turtle Lake. The highways travel concurrently through the village.
  US 53 north-northeast of Spooner. The highways travel concurrently to Trego.
  US 2 southeast of Ashland

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