The Vilnius trolleybus system is the one of two existing trolleybus systems in Lithuania. It operates in the capital city of Vilnius, the municipal operator company is Vilniaus viešasis transportas Ltd. 185 trolleybuses are working on working-days, 106 - on weekends.[1]

Vilnius trolleybus system
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Solaris Trollino 15AC in Vilnius 15.08.2006.jpg
A Solaris Trollino 15AC trolleybus in 2006
LocaleVilnius, Lithuania
Open1956 (1956)
Operator(s)Vilniaus viešasis transportas
Electrification(?) V DC parallel overhead lines
Passengers (daily)200,000



In October 1956 , Vilnius Trolleybus Board was established and a 7.8 km long contact network was built, together with a trolleybus park for 25 trolleybuses. In November 1956, first model "MTB-82D" trolleybuses started to work and drove on route "AntakalnisRailway station".

In 1981, the trolleybus count doubled the maximum service power of the old trolleybus park, thus, encouraging a construction of the second park. The second trolleybus park was opened on 28 December 1985, in the neighborhood of Viršuliškės and it could maintain 150 trolleybuses.

In April 1993, the board was reorganized to UAB "Vilniaus Autobusai" and the owner of the new company was the Vilnius city municipality. From the treasury of the municipality, new "Škoda" trolleybuses were bought in 1996–1999.

From 2004 to 2006, 45 new Polish trolleybuses "Solaris Trollino 15AC" were bought.

On 4 November 2011, the company was again reorganized and incorporated into UAB "Vilniaus Viešasis Transportas".[2]

In 2012, new Lithuanian "MAZ-ETON Amber 203T Vilnis 12AC" trolleybuses were made and bought by the company.

In 2018 and 2019, 41 "Solaris Trollino 12" trolleybuses were bought.[3]



Škoda 14Tr trolleybus
No. Route
1 KaroliniškėsŽvėrynas–Stotis
2 Saulėtekis–Žygimantų g.–Stotis
3 Karoliniškės–Žvėrynas–Šeimyniškių g.
4 Antakalnis–Centras–Žemieji Paneriai
6 Žirmūnai–Kalvarijų g.–J. Basanavičiaus g.–Žemieji Paneriai
7 PašilaičiaiJustiniškės–Žvėrynas–Stotis
9 Karoliniškės–Šeimyniškių g.–Šiaurės miestelis
10 Saulėtekis–Kalvarijų g.–Naujininkai
12 Žirmūnai–Šeimyniškių g.–J. Basanavičiaus g.–Žemieji Paneriai
13 Pašilaičiai–Justiniškės–Žemieji Paneriai
14 Saulėtekis–Žygimantų g.–J. Basanavičiaus g.–Karoliniškės
15 Stotis–Žemieji Paneriai–Titnago g.
16 Pašilaičiai–Lazdynai–Stotis
17 Žirmūnai–Naujininkai
18 Pašilaičiai–Justiniškės–Žemieji Paneriai–Titnago g.
19 Pašilaičiai–Konstitucijos pr.–Antakalnis–Saulėtekis
20 Žirmūnai–Žygimantų g.–Pylimo g.–Stotis
21 Saulėtekis–Šilo tiltas–Žirmūnai[5]

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