Trizonia (Greek: Τριζόνια) is a small island in Corinthian Gulf and the only inhabited island among the islands of the Corinthian gulf. Along with the nearby islets Prasoudi, Planemi and Agios Ioannis comprise a small group of islands. It is located in the north coasts of Corinthian gulf opposite the villages Glyfada and Chania of Phocis prefecture. Its area is 2.5 square kilometers and its population is 64 inhabitants according to 2011 census. The island belongs to Dorida municipality in Phocis regional unit.

Native name:
Trizonia Island
Trizonia is located in Greece
Coordinates38°22′01″N 22°04′23″E / 38.367°N 22.073°E / 38.367; 22.073Coordinates: 38°22′01″N 22°04′23″E / 38.367°N 22.073°E / 38.367; 22.073
RegionCentral Greece
Regional unitPhocis
Population64 (2011)



The origin of the name of the island is unknown. According to a view, the name derives from the small insect cricket (in Greek trizoni). In accordance with another view the name derives from corruption of name trionisia that means three islands (because the small group of islands comprises three islands).[1][2][3] On the island there is a small settlement, built in the north part. The nearly circular bay in front of the settlement is used as small port for yachts. The island is visited by a ship from the opposite coast of Chania. On the island there aren't motor vehicles.[2] Trizonia has three beaches.[4] The biggest of them is named Pounta and is located in the south of the island.

Historical populationEdit

Census Population
1991 137
2001 156
2011 64


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