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Treuchtlingen station is now the only station in the town of Treuchtlingen in the German state of Bavaria. The town used also to have stations at Graben, Möhren, Gundelsheim and Wettelsheim. Treuchtlingen station has seven platform tracks and it is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 3 station.[2] The station is served by about 110 trains daily operated by DB Regio and DB long-distance. The station is a railway junction on the Nuremberg–Augsburg, Ingolstadt–Treuchtlingen and Treuchtlingen–Würzburg lines.

Deutsche Bahn
Crossing station
Treuchtlingen Bahnhof.JPG
Platforms at Treuchtlingen station
LocationBahnhofstr. 61, Treuchtlingen, Bavaria
Coordinates48°57′41″N 10°54′29″E / 48.961267°N 10.908159°E / 48.961267; 10.908159
Owned byDeutsche Bahn
Operated byDB Station&Service
Other information
Station code6252
DS100 codeMTL[1]
Fare zoneVGN: 683[3]
Opened2 October 1869
Preceding station   DB Regio   Following station
toward Munich Hbf
selected trains only
toward Lindau Hbf
selected trains only
toward Obersdorf
RB Terminus
toward Munich Hbf
Treuchtlingen is located in Bavaria
Location in Bavaria
Treuchtlingen is located in Germany
Location in Germany
Treuchtlingen is located in Europe
Location in Europe


The station is located in northern Treuchtlingen. It is bordered to the west by Wettelsheimer Straße and to the east by Bahnhofsstraße, which is also the location of the entrance building. A bridge connects these streets south of the premises of the railway station. The address of the station is 61 Bahnhofsstraße.


Treuchtlingen station was opened on 2 October 1869 together with both the Ansbach–Treuchtlingen section of the line to Würzburg and the Treuchtlingen–Pleinfeld lines. The Treuchtlingen–Pleinfeld section was built together with the Ingolstadt–Treuchtlingen railway. Opposite the station building there was a small depot for the maintenance of the trains. In 1870 Treuchtlingen received another link to the rail network with the completion of the Munich–Ingolstadt–Treuchtlingen–Nuremberg railway.[4] On 1 October 1906, the Donauwörth–Treuchtlingen line was opened, which was previously regarded as uneconomic to build because of the gradients required. This completed the direct Nuremberg–Augsburg line and made the detour of the Ludwig South-North Railway (German: Ludwig-Süd-Nord-Bahn) through Nördlingen unnecessary. On 23 February 1945, an air raid on the station as part of Operation Clarion killed about 600 people, including about 300 taking shelter in the station underpass. With the completion of the Nuremberg–Munich high-speed railway in late 2006 the station lost most of the long-distance services between Nuremberg and Munich that had previously stopped there.


The station has seven platform tracks next to four platforms, with platform 1 next to the entrance building. Each platform is covered and has a digital platform display. All platforms are connected by a pedestrian tunnel connected to platform 1. The station is accessible by wheelchair and there is a step-free access to each platform. At the station there is parking and bus connections to Weißenburg, Bieswang, Solnhofen, Gunzenhausen, Langenaltheim, Polsingen and Gundelsheim available. The station is located in the regional transport area administered by the Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nürnberg (Greater Nuremberg Transport Association,VGN).

Platform dataEdit

  • Platform 1: length 145 m, height 55 cm
  • Platform 2: length 293 m, height 55 cm
  • Platform 3: length 293 m, height 55 cm
  • Platform 4: length 382 m, height 76 cm
  • Platform 5: length 382 m, height 76 cm
  • Platform 6: length 290 m, height 55 cm
  • Platform 7: length 290 m, height 55 cm[5]

Rail servicesEdit


The station is served by individual long-distance services operated by Deutsche Bahn.

Line Route Frequency
ICE 25 Hamburg-Altona / BremenHanoverGöttingenKassel-WilhelmshöheWürzburgTreuchtlingenAugsburgMunich Individual services
ICE 28 BerlinLeipzigJena ParadiesNurembergTreuchtlingen – Augsburg – Munich Individual services
IC 26 Hamburg-Altona – Hamburg – Hanover – Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe – Würzburg – Treuchtlingen – Augsburg – (Oberstdorf) / Munich (– Berchtesgaden) Individual services
IC 28 Nuremberg – Treuchtlingen – Augsburg – Munich Individual services


Treuchtlingen station is served by four Regional-Express services and two Regionalbahn services operated by DB Regio.

Line Route Frequency
RE Fugger-Express
Munich – Mering – AugsburgDonauwörthTreuchtlingen
Every two hours
RE Allgäu-Franken-Express
Lindau / Oberstdorf – Immenstadt – Kempten (Allgäu)BuchloeAugsburgTreuchtlingenNuremberg
One pair
RE TreuchtlingenPleinfeld – Nuremberg Hourly in the peak
RE Augsburg – Donauwörth – Treuchtlingen – Nuremberg Every two hours
RE MunichIngolstadt – Eichstätt Bahnhof – Treuchtlingen – Nuremberg Every two hours
RB Munich – Ingolstadt – Eichstätt Bahnhof – Treuchtlingen (– Nuremberg) Every two hours
RB Mainfrankenbahn
(Gemünden (Main) – Karlstadt (Main) –) Würzburg – Steinach – AnsbachGunzenhausenTreuchtlingen


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