Trans-Alay Range

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The Trans-Alay Range (Kyrgyz: Чоң Алай кырка тоосу, Chon Alai Krka Toosu; Russian: Заалайский хребет, Zaalaisky Khrebet; also 'Trans Alai') is the northernmost range of the Pamir Mountain System.

Trans-Alay Range
Чоң Алай кырка тоосу
Заалайский хребет
Alai Valley 1.jpg
Trans-Alay Range and Alay Valley
Highest point
PeakLenin Peak
Elevation7,134 m (23,406 ft)
Coordinates39°20′00″N 72°55′00″E / 39.3333°N 72.9167°E / 39.3333; 72.9167Coordinates: 39°20′00″N 72°55′00″E / 39.3333°N 72.9167°E / 39.3333; 72.9167
Length250 km (160 mi) E-W
Width40 km (25 mi) N-S
Trans-Alay Range is located in Tajikistan
Trans-Alay Range
Location in Tajikistan
CountryKyrgyzstan, Tajikistan
RegionOsh Province, Gorno-Badakshan
Age of rockPaleozoic and Mesozoic
Type of rockLimestone and schist


The Trans-Alay is located in the area where the Pamirs and the Tian Shan come together. This heavily glaciated range forms the border between Gorno-Badakshan province in Tajikistan and Osh Province, Kyrgyzstan, stretching eastwards until the border with China. To the north lies the Alay Valley and to the south, the Muksu River.[1]


The highest peak in the range is 7,134 m high Lenin Peak.[2] The Kyzylart and Ters-Agar mountain passes geographically divide the range into three parts: the western —highest peak Sat Peak [de] (5,900 m), the central —with some of the highest summits, including Lenin Peak, Dzerzhinsky Peak [de] (6717 m), Oktyabrsy Peak [de] ( 6780 m), and Marshal Zhukov Peak (6,842 m),[3] and the eastern — highest peak Kurumdy I summit (6,614 m).[1]

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