Trade Side

The Trade (Slavonic) Side, or Half (the other half was called the Sofia Side), is the historical district of Veliky Novgorod, located on the right bank ("side") of Volkhov. It got its name from the Torg (city market) located on it.

Trade Side

Торговая сторона
Yaroslav's Court and Torg
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Coordinates: 58°31′20″N 31°17′30″E / 58.52222°N 31.29167°E / 58.52222; 31.29167
SeatVeliky Novgorod
It was also called the Half

From the 10th to the 12th centuries, the Slavonic End of Novgorod (hence its second name) was located on the trading side. In the 12th century, the Plotnitsky End, or "Carpenters" stood out from the Slavonic End, and since then, the Trade Side has included two Novgorod ends.

The Trade Side began to be populated since the 10th century. Then, obviously, a Torg arose. In the 11th century, Yaroslavov ("Yaroslavl"), or the "princely" palace (Yaroslav's Court), the princely residence, was located on this side.


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