Tradedoubler is a digital marketing company based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in 1999 by Felix Hagnö and Martin Lorentzon and was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 2005.

Tradedoubler AB (publ)
Traded asNasdaq StockholmTRAD
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden
ProductsAffiliate network, search marketing (PPC, SEO), ad network


Tradedoubler has 15 offices in 10 countries: Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland and Singapore. It pioneered affiliate marketing and offers both an affiliate network and a technology solution.[buzzword] Today the affiliate network is doing business in more than 80 countries and is including over 180,000 active publishers and over 2,000 advertisers.


In September 1999 Martin Lorentzon and Felix Hagnö founded Netstrategy that later became Tradedoubler,[1] the first European network to offer performance-based affiliate marketing solutions[buzzword] for advertisers and publishers. They developed a solid platform and infrastructure enabling merchants to create relationships with affiliates.

In 2000 Tradedoubler initiated a roll-out to all major European markets and by the end of that year the network was counting more than 260 affiliate programs in diverse fields and over 70,000 affiliates.

In 2001 Tradedoubler won the "Guldmusen" prize, one of the oldest IT prizes in Sweden, as the IT-rookie of the year for a patented platform for performance-based marketing and sales.[2][3]

During 2002 Tradedoubler had reached profitability and doubled both revenue and gross profit, generating sales of more than €200 million for their advertisers during 2002.

In 2004 Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden presented Tradedoubler with the "Export Hermes" award in recognition of their successful export strategy.[4] By this time, Tradedoubler had become Europe's leading supplier of online marketing and sales solutions[buzzword] to over 700 advertisers, almost half a million publishers and some of the leading agencies across Europe.

In 2005 Tradedoubler was listed on NASDAQ Stockholm and launched their white-label solution[buzzword], a global partner management platform that allows advertisers and agencies to track and manage their digital marketing activities. The solution[buzzword] is powered by the same technology as Tradedoubler’s public affiliate network and can be used as an in-house tracking and channel de-duplication platform or as an affiliate management solution.[buzzword]

In March 2006 Tradedoubler bought for US$ 1.25 million an advertising service Advertigo that was created by Daniel Ek, the future founder of Spotify.[5] In April 2006 Lorentzon with Ek decided to start a new company and Daniel makes Martin to leave the Tradedoubler board of directors.

In 2007 Tradedoubler acquired Interactive Marketing Works Ltd and subsidiaries ('The IMW Group').[6] The IMW Group consists of two trading entities, 'The Search Works', a search engine marketing agency and 'The Technology Works', a technology provider for search engine marketing.

In 2012, Tradedoubler was the first pan European network to launch an integrated e-commerce and m-commerce affiliate offering covering consumers’ changing behaviour to research and buy via mobile devices.

In April 2014 Tradedoubler appointed Matthias Stadelmeyer as CEO.[7]

The same year Tradedoubler launched a business intelligence tool providing advertisers with live information on program performance through customized dashboards visualizing data insights.

In January 2015 Tradedoubler acquired the independent German technology company, Adnologies, a data-driven advertising specialist.[8]

In March 2015 Reworld Media became the principal owner of Tradedoubler by acquiring a 19,1 stake in the company.[9] [10]

In September 2015 Tradedoubler launched Cookieless tracking technology to allow online behavior to be tracked, even when a HTTP cookie is not present, by creating a device fingerprint.[11]

In 2016 Tradedoubler launched User Journey Insights as part of their business intelligence tool for giving advertisers visibility of their online customer journeys from affiliate data to the full spectrum of their digital marketing activity.[12] The company also launched Cross-Device Tracking, a solution[buzzword] for analysis of the impact of marketing activity across desktop and mobile.[13]

The same year Tradedoubler expanded their performance marketing offering to South East Asia with a new office in Singapore to develop performance marketing strategies across the Asian region [14] and the company acquired R Advertising, an email marketing company.[15]

In 2016 Tradedoubler also introduced their programmatic solution[buzzword] helping advertisers to identify potential new customers. Through a combination of data-driven insight and artificial intelligence Tradedoubler helps to understand purchase behavior and to identify and reach new customers with targeted advertising.

In 2017 Tradedoubler acquired Metapic, a platform for product recommendation within influencer and premium lifestyle media.[16] Six months later the platform has attracted 20,000 users with a reach of more than 2 million unique visitors per week in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. During 2018 Metapic has been rolled out in the UK, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and Italy.

In November 2018 Reworld Media announced a recommended public cash offer to the shareholders and held 40% of Tradedoubler’s shares after the offer expired.[17]

In March 2019 Tradedoubler announced their product vision of an Open Platform enabling automated and transparent direct relationships between advertisers and publishers using Blockchain technology for the storage of data. The same month they presented a new Publisher Interface and new Publisher API as the first applications based on the Open Platform concept.[18]

Tradedoubler CEOs since the start

Name From To
Martin Henricson 01.02.01 27.03.07
Will Cooper 28.03.07 21.12.08
Örjan Frid 22.12.08 15.02.10
Urban Gillström 16.02.10 28.06.12
Rob Wilson 29.06.12 21.04.14
Matthias Stadelmeyer 22.04.14 today

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