Tommy (London Symphony Orchestra album)

Tommy is a 1972 album, based on the original 1969 album by The Who, featuring the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Measham, of arrangements by Wil Malone. The project was conceived by Lou Reizner, initially with Rod Stewart singing Roger Daltrey's main role. As Pete Townshend and Daltrey became more involved, Stewart's role was reduced to singing "Pinball Wizard".[1][2]

Tommy (London Symphony Orchestra album).jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 1972
LabelOde Records
ProducerLou Reizner
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The studio version of the orchestral Tommy was issued in boxed-set LP format. It featured original artwork and photography, which used a pinball as its main motif, was designed by Tom Wilkes and Craig Braun and won the Best Album Package Grammy in 1974.[3][4]

Track listEdit

Side One

1. "Overture" The Chamber Choir, Pete Townshend, London Symphony Orchestra
2. "It's a Boy" The Chamber Choir, Sandy Denny
3. "1921" Graham Bell, Maggie Bell, The Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey, Steve Winwood
4. "Amazing Journey" The Chamber Choir, Pete Townshend
5. "Sparks" The Chamber Choir
6. "Eyesight to the Blind" written Sonny Boy Williamson II, sung The Chamber Choir, Richie Havens
7. "Christmas" Pete Townshend, London Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey, Steve Winwood

Side Two

1. "Cousin Kevin" The Chamber Choir John Entwistle
2. "The Acid Queen" The Chamber Choir, Merry Clayton
3. "Underture" The Chamber Choir
4. "Do You Think It's Alright?" Maggie Bell, Chamber Choir, Steve Winwood
5. "Fiddle About" Chamber Choir, Ringo Starr
6. "Pinball Wizard" Chamber Choir, Rod Stewart

Side Three

1. "There's a Doctor I've Found" Chamber Choir, Steve Winwood
2. "Go To The Mirror Boy" narrated Richard Harris, Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey, Steve Winwood, Wil Malone
3. "Tommy Can You Hear Me?" Maggie Bell, Chamber Choir
4. "Smash the Mirror" Maggie Bell, Chamber Choir
5. "I'm Free" Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey
6. "Miracle Cure" Chamber Choir
7. "Sensation" Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey

Side Four

1. "Sally Simpson" Chamber Choir, Pete Townshend
2. "Welcome" Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey
3. "Tommy's Holiday Camp" Chamber Choir, Ringo Starr
4. "We're Not Gonna Take It" Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey
5. "See Me, Feel Me" (Finale from "We're Not Gonna Take It") Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey


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