The Romp

The Romp is a 1767 play, a comedic afterpiece, which was derived from Love in the City by Isaac Bickerstaffe.[1]

The piece centred on the most popular character of the original play, Priscilla Tomboy, also known as "Miss Prissy".[2]

Original castEdit

Drury LaneEdit

  • Young Cockney by James William Dodd (Mr. Dodd)
  • Barnacle by Mr. Suett
  • Old Cockney by Mr. Fawcett
  • Captain Sightly by William Barrymore (Mr. Barrymore)
  • Priscilla Tomboy by Dorothy Jordan (Mrs. Jordan)[3]
  • Penelope by Miss Stageldoir
  • Miss La Blond by Miss Barnes

Haymarket (1787)Edit

  • Young Cockney by Mr. Meadows
  • Barnacle by Mr. Booth
  • Old Cockney by Mr. Barrett
  • Captain Sightly by Mr. Wright
  • Priscilla Tomboy by Miss George
  • Penelope by Miss Burnet
  • Miss La Blond by Miss Brangin[4]


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