The Points Guy is an American travel website and blog that produces news and stories on travel, aviation, points and miles, politics and credit cards. The site was founded in 2010 and has 60 full-time employees as of 2019, 14 of whom focus on editorial output.[1]

The Points Guy
FounderBrian Kelly

The site receives revenue from partners such as Capital One.[2]


The Points Guy was founded by Brian Kelly in 2010. It focuses on travel news, credit card reviews,[3] means of accumulating airline points, and converting those into travel options.[4][5] In 2012, The Points Guy was sold to Bankrate, a company that publishes and promotes financial content. In a 2014 interview, Brian Kelly made this comment: "I still have a vested ownership interest in TPG and I retain 100% editorial control".[6] As of 2017, Brian Kelly was at number one on the Forbes list of Top Influencers for travel.[7] Bankrate was acquired by Red Ventures in 2017.[8]


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