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The Icon Bar (also referred to as TIB) is a computing and technology website with a focus on the RISC OS computer operating system.

The Icon Bar
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Available inEnglish
OwnerOne Point Nought
Created byTim Fountain, Alasdair Bailey, Richard Goodwin[1]
Launched2000; 21 years ago (2000)[2]
Current statusOnline


The Icon Bar was founded in 2000 by Tim Fountain, Alasdair Bailey and Richard Goodwin.[1][3] In 2004, co-founder Richard Goodwin was nominated for the Drobe awards for keeping the "popular forum" online.[4] It was further developed by the same people who developed Acorn Arcade,[5] the contents of which were incorporated in 2006.[2] At this time, it broadened its remit to also cover alternative platforms and new technologies, while still keeping abreast of the RISC OS scene.[6]

When Drobe closed as a news site in 2009, The Icon Bar was cited as a notable alternative[7][8] and took over running the annual awards scheme for the RISC OS scene.[9] It has been selected for inclusion by editors in at least one web directory,[10]


The site features RISC OS articles, news, forums and other media. It also hosts a Media Watch page, where users can share any relevant items they spot in the media.[11]


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