Tessa Hofmann

Tessa Hofmann (Savvidis) (born 15 December 1949, Bassum, Lower Saxony) is a scholar of Armenian studies and sociology, PhD, research scholar at the Free University of Berlin.


She studied at the Department of Slavonic Languages and Literature, as well as Armenian studies and sociology at the Free University of Berlin.[1]

Hofmann is a member of the Society for Threatened Peoples. She is the chairperson of reorganized Working Group “Affirmation” – Against Genocide, for Reconciliation. She is an active participant in the international initiative “Speaking with one voice!” for the recognition of the Armenian, Aramean and Greek genocide. Hofmann is the author of over a dozen books on Armenian history and culture.[1][2] She is an honorary professor at the Hrachia Acharian University, Yerevan (2002).

Hofmann is the editor of Takibat, Tehcir Ve İmha (2013), the Turkish edition of the original German collective monograph (2004; 2nd, rev. ed. 2007) on the genocide against Christians during the last decade of Ottoman rule.[3]



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