Teraco Data Environments

Teraco is a carrier, cloud and vendor neutral data centre provider founded by Tim Parsonson and Lex Van Wyk in 2008. As the local telecommunications market began to deregulate, Teraco’s founders recognised an opportunity for a truly neutral data centre offering in South Africa.[1][2]

Teraco Data Environments
IndustryInternet Infrastructure
FoundersTim Parsonson and Lex Van Wyk
Johannesburg, South Africa
Area served
Sub-Saharan Africa

Data centersEdit

Teraco built the largest Data Center in Johannesburg, South Africa.[3][4][5] In 2012 the company created NAPAfrica, a fully funded non profit neutral Internet eXchange Point(IXP).[6][7][8] Teraco has other data centers in Durban, Cape Town, Bredell-Gauteng and Riverfield.[9]

Peering by NAPAfricaEdit

Hetzner, South Africa’s web hosting company, partnered with this company.[10][11][12][13] Telkom peered with NAPAfrica through its Openserve wholesale and network division in 2016.[14][15] Clients will be able to use the Microsoft service through this company.[16] The telecom operator Angola Cables, peered with this company in 2017.[17]

Accomplishments and fundingEdit

After completing an Environmental Impact Assessment, Teraco was granted permission to store 210,000 litres of diesel on site.[18]

2011: The company received R158 million in Series C financing.[19]

2013: A R200m medium-term funding facility from Absa’s corporate and investment banking division, was provided.[20]

2014: Teraco is acquired by Permira in first African investment.[21]

2015: The company acquired R400 million of funding.[22]

2016: Liquid Telecom invested $3.5 million in a new satellite hub.[23]

2017: Barclays Africa Group funded R1.2 billion ($90 million) for this company.[24][25]


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