Template:WikiProject Geology/doc


To add an article to the list, simply add the template to the talk page of the article with the following parameters:

{{WikiProject Geology|class=|importance=}}

Options for the parameters are:

  • class: FA, FL, A, GA, B, C, Start, Stub, List, Template, Category, Disambig, Portal, Project, Redirect, Image and NA. If blank, this will default to Unassessed. NA is "not applicable".
  • importance: Top, High, Mid, Low, and NA. If blank, this will default to Unrated.
This is the importance within geology according to this scale. Further descriptions of the options can be found at Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Assessment.

Additional options are available. Here is the template with all the options:

{{WikiProject Geology
|Geological periods=
  • attention flags the article for attention (however, it is better to put an appropriate cleanup tag on the article itself).
  • needs-infobox is used if there is probably an appropriate infobox for the subject (for example, {{infobox scientist}} or a template in Category:Geology infobox templates).
  • Cambrian and Cambrian-importance tag the article for the Cambrian explosion task force and rate its importance for that project.
  • Geological periods and Geological periods-importance do the same for the Geological periods task force.
  • meteorite and meteorite-importance do the same for the Meteorites task force.
  • auto indicates that a bot assessed the article as a stub. If you see a message that a bot auto-assessed the article, please take the time to confirm the assessment and remove |auto=yes.