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People icon.svgThis user considers themself a participant in all wikiprojects.
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This is a userbox for editors who consider themselves de facto participants in every wikiproject, on the basis of WP:Ownership of content, WP:No vested editors, WP:MERCILESS, and WP:LOCALCONSENSUS, and reject the idea of wikiproject "membership", as if they were exclusive clubs (which do not have a successful history on Wikipedia).

Wikiprojects' participants lists are for identifying regularly active participants in a wikiproject to collaborate directly (if they wish to be contacted for such purposes right now); they do not exclude anyone from participation or from having their views considered equally. See WP:Consensus policy: Consensus is formed, anywhere and on any topic, by which editors care to participate.


Put this template to your user page.


  • |f or |1=f – change "themself" to "herself"
  • |m or |1=m – change "themself" to "himself"
  • |fm or |1=fm - change "themself" to "her/himself"
  • |mf or |1=mf - change "themself" to "him/herself"
  • |t or |1=t - explicitly prefer the singular they "themself", in case the default changes later
  • |nocat=y – suppress categorization

See the source code for additional parameters if you want to tweak the appearance (colors, etc.)