Template:User CID

Padlock.svgThis user account is secured with a unique committed identity.
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This userbox declares that the user has a "committed identity" and optionally links to a user subpage that contains the identity hash. See the documentation for Template:Committed identity for more information on creating a committed identity.

Optional parametersEdit

subpage: If you use the optional subpage parameter, then the word 'unique' will be linked to a user subpage with the name you specify. For example, if the user named "ExampleUser" placed the box on their user page or user talk page like this:

{{User CID|subpage=Identity}}

Then the word 'unique' would include a link to the page "User:ExampleUser/Identity".

The linked page is always a subpage of the main user page, regardless of whether the box is placed on the main user page or the user talk page. If the target page does not exist, then the link will not be created. The linking will not work correctly if the box is placed on a page outside the User namespace.

background: The background parameter allows you to set a background color for the box. If you do not specify a color, it defaults to the color code #FFFFCC (an off-white color like this). See Web colors#Hex triplet for more information on color codes.

border: The border parameter allows you to set a color for the border of the box. If you do not specify a color, it defaults to "#FFCC00", a golden color.

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