Template:TemplateStyles sandbox

TemplateStyles testing areaEdit

This is not a TemplateStyles page. It exists to provide a convenient pseudo-namespace for code testing, as TemplateStyles pages, with the sanitized-css content model, can only be created in the Template and Module namespaces. (The content model of pages can be changed, but that option is only available to administrators.)

Please name your experimental TemplateStyles in the following format to help keep things tidy:

Template:TemplateStyles sandbox/Your User Name/style page name.css

You may find it convenient to move your experimental TemplateStyles to your userspace, or to a subpage of a related Module:Sandbox module experiment. The content model will remain as sanitized-css when the page is moved.

You can use Special:PrefixIndex/Template:TemplateStyles sandbox to list TemplateStyles pages in this area.