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The above is a Wikiminnow (Pimephales microwikipediensis). It is used to make extra-subtle adjustments to clue levels of Wikipedians. For somewhat larger mistakes, use a {{trout}}.


Apply this template to the user talk page of someone who deserves whacking with a wet trout. This template is intended for humorous use only!

Simply place {{minnow}} on a user's talk page.


|align= left or right to not have it centered (but still on its own line).

|float= left or right to move it to the side and have content flow around it. Using |float=right is especially useful on talk pages.

|style= css-declaration: value; to add arbitrary CSS declarations.

See also

  • {{trout}} - the original full-size trout
  • {{trout small}} - a more reasonably-sized, less-intrusive, left-aligned trout, suitable for trout victims to use as a replacement after getting the message
  • {{troutme}} - a small auto-trout icon for the top of your userpage
  • {{chips}} - a small side of chips to go with your fish
  • {{OverdoneTrout}} - a response to use against those who overzealously use the {{trout}} template
  • {{Stink bomb}} – similar to the trout