Template:Infobox probability distribution

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The Template:Infobox probability distribution generates a right-hand side infobox, based on the specified parameters. To use this template, copy the following code in your article and fill in as appropriate:

{{Infobox probability distribution
| name       = 
| type       = 
| pdf_image  = 
| cdf_image  = 
| notation   = 
| parameters = 
| support    = 
| pdf        = 
| cdf        = 
| quantile   = 
| mean       = 
| median     = 
| mode       = 
| variance   = 
| skewness   = 
| kurtosis   = 
| entropy    = 
| mgf        = 
| cf         = 
| pgf        = 
| fisher     = 
| KLdiv      = 
| JSDiv      = 


  • |name= — Name at the top of the infobox; should be the name of the distribution without the word "distribution" in it, e.g. "Normal", "Exponential" (optional)
  • |type= — possible values are "discrete" (or "mass"), "continuous" (or "density"), and "multivariate"
  • |pdf_image= — probability density image-spec, such as: xxx.svg.
  • |pdf_caption= — probability density image caption
  • |pdf_image_alt=alternative text for the image in |pdf_image=
  • |cdf_image= — cumulative distribution image-spec, such as: yyy.svg.
  • |cdf_caption= — cumulative distribution image caption
  • |cdf_image_alt=alternative text for the image in |cdf_image=
  • |notation= — typical designation for this distribution, for example . The notation should include all the distribution parameters explained in the next cell.
  • |parameters= — parameters of the distribution family (such as μ and σ2 for the normal distribution).
  • |support= — the support of the distribution, which may depend on the parameters. Specify this as <math>x \in some set</math> for continuous distributions, and as <math>k \in some set</math> for discrete distributions.
  • |pdf= — probability density function (or probability mass function), such as: <math>\frac{\Gamma(r+k)}{k!\Gamma(r)}p^r(1-p)^k</math>. Please exclude the function label, such as "ƒ(x; μ,σ2)".
  • |cdf= — cumulative distribution function, e.g.: <math>I_p(r,k+1)\text{ where }I_p(x,y)</math> is the [[regularized incomplete beta function]].
  • |quantile=quantile function (or inverse cumulative distribution function). If is the CDF and is the quantile function, then
  • |mean= — the mean, or expected value.
  • |median= — the median, only for univariate distributions.
  • |mode= — the mode.
  • |variance=variance of the distribution, or covariance matrix in multivariate case.
  • |skewness= — the skewness.
  • |kurtosis= — the kurtosis excess.
  • |entropy= — the differential information entropy, preferably expressed in unspecified units using base-unspecific log(.) rather than base-specific ln(.) which yields entropy in units of nats only.
  • |mgf= — the moment-generating function, for example: <math>\left(\frac{p}{1-(1-p) e^t}\right)^r</math>.
  • |char=/|cf= — the characteristic function, such as: <math>\left(\frac{p}{1-(1-p) e^{it}}\right)^r</math>.
  • |pgf= - the Probability-generating function.
  • |fisher= — the Fisher information matrix for the model.
  • |KLDiv= — the Kullback-Leibler divergence of the model
  • |JSDiv= — the Jensen-Shannon divergence of the model
  • |intro= — optional message which will be displayed before all other content in the infobox.
  • |marginleft= — margin space left of infobox (default: 1em).
  • |box_width= — width of the infobox (default: 325px).

|parameters2=, |support2=, |pdf2=, |cdf2=, |mean2=, |median2=, |mode2=, |variance2=, |skewness2=, |kurtosis2=, |entropy2=, |mgf2=, and |char2=/|cf2= are the same as their counterparts above. They should be used when the distribution needs two sets to describe it, e.g. Gamma distribution.