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This template is designed to be put on the top of user and user-talk pages so, when the number of files needing to be renamed reaches a certain amount, the user will be alerted and can help deal with the backlog.

  • To use this template simply add {{FilemoverTalkpageNotice}} to the top of your user or user-talk page.
  • As a default, if there are any files in either Category:Wikipedia files requiring renaming or Category:Incomplete file renaming requests, the template will generate the message.
  • To only have the message show up when there are a minimum of 5 files in the two categories, add {{FilemoverTalkpageNotice|number=5}}, when there a minimum of 127 files {{FilemoverTalkpageNotice|number=127}}, and so on.
  • Often, the apparent number of files in the categories only change when the page is purged, so, to make purging easier, just click the File mover icon.