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This template is meant to fill in the branch or command_structure parameter for {{Infobox military unit}} and {{Infobox military person}} pertaining to the United States military.


Produces a seal icon attached to a wikilinked national army article.


  • Branch — Use one of following:
    • 42ndMPB
    • AFEM
    • AFSM
    • AGCM
    • AGFF-1
    • Air Force
    • Air Force JROTC
    • Albania
    • ANG
    • Army Commendation Medal
    • Army
    • Army JROTC
    • Army Reserve
    • ARNG
    • AS-39
    • AS-40
    • AS-41
    • ATF
    • ATF, 1972–2003
    • ARBiH
    • Board of War
    • BOP
    • BPC
    • Canada
    • CHP
    • CIA
    • CJTF-OIR
    • Coast Guard
    • Coast Guard JROTC
    • CPA
    • CG-47
    • CG-48
    • CG-49
    • CG-50
    • CG-51
    • CG-52
    • CG-53
    • CG-54
    • CG-55
    • CG-56
    • CG-57
    • CG-58
    • CG-59
    • CG-60
    • CG-61
    • CG-62
    • CG-63
    • CG-64
    • CG-65
    • CG-66
    • CG-67
    • CG-68
    • CG-69
    • CG-70
    • CG-71
    • CG-72
    • CG-73
    • Croatia
    • CSTO
    • CVN-72
    • CVN-76
    • CVN-77
    • CVN-78
    • DD-537
    • DD-963
    • DD-964
    • DD-965
    • DD-966
    • DD-967
    • DD-968
    • DD-969
    • DD-970
    • DD-971
    • DD-972
    • DD-973
    • DD-974
    • DD-975
    • DD-976
    • DD-977
    • DD-978
    • DD-979
    • DD-980
    • DD-981
    • DD-982
    • DD-983
    • DD-984
    • DD-985
    • DD-986
    • DD-987
    • DD-988
    • DD-989
    • DD-990
    • DD-991
    • DD-992
    • DDG-993
    • DDG-994
    • DDG-995
    • DDG-996
    • DD-997
    • DDG-51
    • DDG-52
    • DDG-53
    • DDG-54
    • DDG-55
    • DDG-56
    • DDG-57
    • DDG-58
    • DDG-59
    • DDG-60
    • DDG-61
    • DDG-62
    • DDG-63
    • DDG-64
    • DDG-65
    • DDG-66
    • DDG-67
    • DDG-68
    • DDG-69
    • DDG-66
    • DDG-70
    • DDG-71
    • DDG-72
    • DDG-73
    • DDG-74
    • DDG-75
    • DDG-76
    • DDG-77
    • DDG-78
    • DDG-79
    • DDG-80
    • DDG-81
    • DDG-82
    • DDG-83
    • DDG-84
    • DDG-85
    • DDG-86
    • DDG-87
    • DDG-88
    • DDG-89
    • DDG-90
    • DDG-91
    • DDG-92
    • DDG-93
    • DDG-94
    • DDG-95
    • DDG-96
    • DDG-97
    • DDG-98
    • DDG-99
    • DDG-100
    • DDG-101
    • DDG-102
    • DDG-103
    • DDG-104
    • DDG-105
    • DDG-106
    • DDG-107
    • DDG-108
    • DDG-109
    • DDG-110
    • DDG-111
    • DDG-112
    • DDG-113
    • DDG-114
    • DDG-115
    • DDG-116
    • DDG-117
    • DDG-119
    • DDG-1000
    • DE-1089
    • DEA
    • Department of the Air Force
    • Department of the Army
    • Department of the Navy
    • Detroit
    • DE-1040
    • DEG-4
    • Department of Defense
    • Department of War
    • DIA
    • DOJ
    • DMSM
    • DPRK
    • DSSM
    • EPA
    • ESWS
    • FBI
    • FCC
    • FF-1038
    • FF-1089
    • FF-1097
    • FF-1098
    • FFG-1
    • FFG-4
    • FFG-7
    • FFG-8
    • FFG-9
    • FFG-10
    • FFG-11
    • FFG-12
    • FFG-13
    • FFG-14
    • FFG-15
    • FFG-16
    • FFG-19
    • FFG-20
    • FFG-21
    • FFG-22
    • FFG-23
    • FFG-24
    • FFG-25
    • FFG-26
    • FFG-27
    • FFG-28
    • FFG-29
    • FFG-30
    • FFG-31
    • FFG-32
    • FFG-33
    • FFG-34
    • FFG-36
    • FFG-37
    • FFG-38
    • FFG-39
    • FFG-40
    • FFG-41
    • FFG-42
    • FFG-43
    • FFG-45
    • FFG-46
    • FFG-47
    • FFG-48
    • FFG-49
    • FFG-50
    • FFG-51
    • FFG-52
    • FFG-53
    • FFG-54
    • FFG-55
    • FFG-56
    • FFG-57
    • FFG-58
    • FFG-59
    • FFG-60
    • FFG-61
    • FMFE
    • FMFEW
    • FMFEWS
    • GB
    • GWOTEM
    • GWOTSM
    • HHS
    • HUD
    • HSM
    • HVO
    • INS
    • IRGC
    • JMUA
    • JNA
    • JSAM
    • JSCM
    • JSOC
    • JTF-GTMO
    • KDSM
    • Kenya
    • L.A.
    • LAPD
    • LAPD ASD
    • LHA-1
    • LHA-2
    • LHA-3
    • LHA-4
    • LHA-5
    • LHA-6
    • LHD-1
    • LHD-2
    • LHD-3
    • LHD-4
    • LHD-5
    • LHD-6
    • LHD-7
    • LHD-8
    • LOM
    • LPD-17
    • LPD-18
    • LPD-19
    • LPD-20
    • LPD-21
    • LPD-22
    • LPD-23
    • LPD-24
    • LPD-25
    • LPD-26
    • LPD-27
    • MARAD
    • MCM-1
    • MCM-2
    • MCM-3
    • MCM-4
    • MCM-5
    • MCM-6
    • MCM-7
    • MCM-8
    • MCM-9
    • MCM-10
    • MCM-11
    • MCM-12
    • MCM-13
    • MCM-14
    • Marine Corps
    • Marine Corps JROTC
    • Marine Corps Reserve
    • MOH
    • MPDC
    • MSM
    • NAMCAM
    • NAMCCM
    • NAMCM
    • NASA
    • National Guard
    • NAVSTA Norfolk
    • Navy
    • Navy Department
    • Navy JROTC
    • Navy Reserve
    • Navy Reserve (2005-2017)
    • NDSM
    • NJSP
    • NOAACOC rear admiral
    • NOAACOC vice admiral
    • NOAA
    • NSA
    • NSDAP
    • NYC
    • NYPD
    • NYSP
    • Odense
    • PHSCC
    • Purple Heart
    • Roundel
    • SASM, 1991–2016
    • SASM
    • SCG
    • SEAC
    • SFRY
    • SSN-21
    • SSN-22
    • SSN-23
    • SSN-688
    • SSGN-726
    • SSGN-727
    • SSBN-727
    • SSGN-728
    • SSBN-728
    • SSGN-729
    • SSBN-729
    • SSBN-742
    • SSBN-743
    • SSN-750
    • SSN-751
    • SSN-752
    • SSN-753
    • SSN-754
    • SSN-755
    • SSN-772
    • SWO
    • Treasury
    • TXANG
    • UN
    • UNTAET
    • U.S.
    • USAAC
    • USADSM
    • USASDR
    • USBP
    • USDA
    • USIA
    • UK
    • USMM
    • USNGCM
    • USNPUC
    • USNSCC
    • USSR
    • Veterans Affairs
    • VRS
    • Washington, D.C.
    • WMATA
    • US O-10
    • US O-9
    • US O-8
    • US O-7
    • US O-6
    • US O-5
    • US O-4
    • US O-3
    • US O-2
    • US O-1
    • USAF general of the air force
    • USAF general
    • USAF lieutenant general
    • USAF major general
    • USAF brigadier general
    • USAF colonel
    • USAF lieutenant colonel
    • USAF major
    • USAF captain
    • USAF first lieutenant
    • USAF second lieutenant
    • USA general of the armies
    • USA general of the army
    • USA general
    • USA lieutenant general
    • USA major general
    • USA brigadier general
    • USA colonel
    • USA lieutenant colonel
    • USA major
    • USA captain
    • USA first lieutenant
    • USA second lieutenant
    • USA command sergeant major
    • USA sergeant major
    • USA first sergeant
    • USA master sergeant
    • USA sergeant first class
    • USA staff sergeant
    • USA sergeant
    • USA corporal
    • USMC general
    • USMC lieutenant general
    • USMC major general
    • USMC brigadier general
    • USMC colonel
    • USMC lieutenant colonel
    • USMC major
    • USMC captain
    • USMC first lieutenant
    • USMC second lieutenant
    • USN admiral of the navy
    • USN fleet admiral
    • USN admiral
    • USN vice admiral
    • USN rear admiral
    • USN rear admiral lower half
    • USN captain
    • USN commander
    • USN lieutenant commander
    • USN captain
    • USN lieutenant
    • USN lieutenant junior grade
    • USN ensign
    • Midshipman
    • USN MCPON (badge)
    • USN MCPON (shoulderboard)
    • USN command master chief petty officer
    • USN master chief petty officer
    • USN senior chief petty officer
    • USN chief petty officer
    • USCG admiral
    • USCG vice admiral
    • USCG rear admiral
    • USCG rear admiral lower half
    • USCG captain
    • USCG commander
    • USCG lieutenant commander
    • USCG lieutenant
    • USCG lieutenant junior grade
    • USCG ensign
    • USCG MCPOCG (badge)
    • USCG MCPOCG (rate)
    • USCG command master chief petty officer
    • USCG petty officer first class
    • USCG petty officer second class
    • USCG petty officer third class
    • USA general, UCP ACU
    • USA lieutenant general, UCP ACU
    • USA major general, UCP ACU
    • USA brigadier general, UCP ACU
    • USA colonel, UCP ACU
    • USA lieutenant colonel, UCP ACU
    • USA major, UCP ACU
    • USA captain, OCP ACU
    • USA captain, UCP ACU
    • USA first lieutenant, UCP ACU
    • USA second lieutenant, UCP ACU
    • USA corporal, UCP ACU
    • USA general of the armies, 1981–2015
    • USA general of the army, 1959–2015
    • USA general, 1959–2015
    • USA lieutenant general, 1959–2015
    • USA major general, 1959–2015
    • USA brigadier general, 1959–2015
    • USA colonel, 1959–2015
    • USA lieutenant colonel, 1959–2015
    • USA major, 1959–2015
    • USA captain, 1959–2015
    • USA first lieutenant, 1959–2015
    • USA second lieutenant, 1959–2015
  • size (optional) — Can be used to change the seal icon size; default is 25px


Wiki markup Displays
{{dodseal|Army|25}} Mark of the United States Army.svg
{{dodseal|branch=Army}} Mark of the United States Army.svg
{{dodseal|branch=Army|size=25}} Mark of the United States Army.svg
{{Dodseal|42ndMPB}} Distinctive unit insignia of the 42nd Military Police Brigade.png
{{Dodseal|AFJROTC}} AF Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.svg
{{Dodseal|AFEM}} Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|AFSM}} Armed Forces Service Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|AGCM}} Army Good Conduct Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|AGFF-1}} USS Glover (AGFF-1) Crest.png
{{Dodseal|airforce}} Military service mark of the United States Air Force.png
{{Dodseal|Albania}} Coat of arms of Albania.svg
{{Dodseal|ANG}} US-AirNationalGuard-2007Emblem.svg
{{Dodseal|ARBiH}} Logo of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg
{{Dodseal|ARCOM}} Army Commendation Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|ARNG}} Seal of the United States Army National Guard.svg
{{Dodseal|AS-39}} USS Emory S. Land AS-39 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|AS-40}} USS Frank Cable AS-40 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|AS-41}} USS McKee (AS-41) crest.png
{{Dodseal|ATF}} Seal of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.svg
{{Dodseal|ATF-2003}} US-AlcoholTobaccoAndFirearms-Seal.svg
{{Dodseal|Board}} Seal of the United States Board of War and Ordnance.svg
{{Dodseal|BOP}} Seal of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.svg
{{Dodseal|BPC}} Emblem of the Army of Republika Srpska.svg
{{Dodseal|BSM}} Bronze Star Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|Canada}} Great Seal of Canada.png
{{Dodseal|CGJROTC}} Seal of the United States Coast Guard Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps.png
{{Dodseal|CHP}} Door Insignia of the California Highway Patrol.png
{{Dodseal|CIA}} Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency.svg
{{Dodseal|CJTFOIR}} Seal of Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve.svg
{{Dodseal|coastguard}} Seal of the United States Coast Guard.svg
{{Dodseal|CPA}} Seal of the Coalition Provisional Authority of Iraq.svg
{{Dodseal|CG-47}} USS Ticonderoga CG-47 COA.png
{{Dodseal|CG-48}} USS Yorktown CG-48 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-49}} USS Vincennes CG-49 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-50}} USS Valley Forge CG-50 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-51}} USS Thomas S. Gates CG-51 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-52}} USS Bunker Hill CG-52 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-53}} USS Mobile Bay CG-53 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-54}} USS Antietam CG-54 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-55}} USS Leyte Gulf CG-55 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-56}} USS San Jacinto CG-56 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-57}} USS Lake Champlan CG-57 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-58}} USS Philippine Sea COA.png
{{Dodseal|CG-59}} USS Princeton CG-59 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-60}} USS Normandy CG-60 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-61}} USS Monterey CG-61 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-62}} USS Chancellorsville CG-62 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-63}} USS Cowpens CG-63 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-64}} USS Gettyburg CG-64 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-65}} USS Chosin CG-65 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-66}} USS Hue City CG-66 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-67}} USS Shiloh CG-67 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-68}} USS Anzio CG-68 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-69}} USS Vicksburg CG-69 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-70}} USS Lake Erie CG-70 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-71}} USS Cape St. George CG-71 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-72}} USS Vella Gulf CG-72 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CG-73}} USS Port Royal CG-73 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|Croatia}} Coat of arms of Croatia.svg
{{Dodseal|CSTO}} Emblem of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.svg
{{Dodseal|CVN-72}} CVN-72 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|CVN-76}} USS Ronald Reagan COA.png
{{Dodseal|CVN-77}} CVN-77 insignia.svg
{{Dodseal|CVN-78}} USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) crest.png
{{Dodseal|D.C.}} Seal of the District of Columbia.svg
{{Dodseal|DD-537}} Emblem of USS The Sullivans (DD-537).png
{{Dodseal|DD-963}} USS Spruance DD-963 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-964}} DD964crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-965}} DD965crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-966}} DD966crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-967}} USS Elliot (DD-967) insignia, circa 1976 (NH 85499-KN).png
{{Dodseal|DD-968}} DD968crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-969}} DD969crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-970}} DD970crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-971}} DD971crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-972}} DD972crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-973}} DD-973 crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-974}} DD-974 crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-975}} DD975crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-976}} DD-976 crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-977}} USS Briscoe (DD-977) patch.png
{{Dodseal|DD-978}} DD-978 crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-979}} DD-979 crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-980}} DD-980 crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-981}} DD-981 crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-982}} DD-982 crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-983}} DD-983 crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-984}} DD-984 crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-985}} USS Cushing (DD-985) crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-986}} DD-986 crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-987}} DD-987 crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-988}} DD-988 crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-989}} USS Deyo (DD-989) crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-990}} USS Ingersoll (DD-990) crest 1978.png
{{Dodseal|DD-991}} USS Fife (DD-991) crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-992}} USS Fletcher (DD-992) crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-993}} USS Kidd (DDG-993) crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-994}} USS Callaghan (DDG-994) crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-995}} USS Scott (DDG-995) crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-996}} USS Chandler (DDG-996) crest.png
{{Dodseal|DD-997}} USS Hayler (DD-997) crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-51}} USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-52}} USS Barry DDG-52 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-53}} USS John Paul Jones DDG-53 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-54}} USS Curtis Wilbur DDG-54 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-55}} USS Stout DDG-55 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-56}} USS John S. McCain DDG-56 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-57}} USS Mitscher DDG-57 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-58}} USS Laboon DDG-58 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-59}} USS Russell DDG-59 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-60}} USS Paul Hamilton DDG-60 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-61}} USS Ramage (DDG-61) crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-62}} USS Fitzgerald DDG-62 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-63}} USS Stethem DDG-63 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-64}} USS Carney DDG-64 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-65}} USS Benfold DDG-65 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-66}} USS Gonzalez DDG-66 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-67}} USS Cole DDG-67 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-68}} USS The Sullivans crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-69}} USS Milius DDG-69 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-70}} USS Hopper DDG-70 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-71}} USS Ross DDG-71 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-72}} USS Mahan DDG-72 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-73}} USS Decatur DDG-73 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-74}} USS McFaul DDG-74 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-75}} USS Donald Cook DDG-75 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-76}} USS Higgins DDG-76 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-77}} USS O'Kane DDG-77 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-78}} USS Porter DDG-78 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-79}} USS Oscar Austin DDG-79 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-80}} USS Roosevelt DDG-80 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-81}} USS Winston Churchill DDG-81 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-82}} USS Lassen DDG-82 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-83}} USS Howard DDG-83 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-84}} USS Bulkeley DDG-84 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-85}} USS McCampbell DDG-85 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-86}} USS Shoup DDG-86 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-87}} USS Mason DDG-87 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-88}} USS Preble DDG-88 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-89}} USS Mustin DDG-89 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-90}} USS Chafee DDG-90 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-91}} USS Pinckney DDG-91 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-92}} USS Momsen DDG-92 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-93}} USS Chung Hoon DDG-93 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-94}} USS Nitze DDG-94 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-95}} USS James E. Williams DDG-95 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-96}} USS Bainbridge DDG-96 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-97}} USS Halsey DDG-97 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-98}} USS Forrest Sherman DDG-98 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-99}} USS Farragut DDG-99 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-100}} USS Kidd DDG-100 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-101}} USS Gridley DDG-101 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-102}} USS Sampson DDG-102 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-103}} USS Truxtun DDG-103 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-104}} USS Sterett DDG-104 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-105}} USS Dewey COA.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-106}} USS Stockdale COA.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-107}} USSGravelyDDG107coatofarms.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-108}} USS Wayne E. Meyer COA.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-109}} USS Jason Dunham COA.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-110}} USS William P. Lawrence.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-111}} USS Spruance COA.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-112}} USS Michael Murphy COA.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-113}} USS John Finn DDG-113 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-114}} USS Ralph Johnson (DDG-114) Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-115}} USS Rafael Peralta (DDG-115) Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-116}} USS Thomas Hudner DDG-116 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-117}} USS Paul Ignatius DDG-117 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-119}} USS Delbert D. Black (DDG-119) Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DDG-1000}} USS Zumwalt DDG-1000 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DE1089}} USS Jesse L. Brown (DE-1089) Crest.png
{{Dodseal|DE-1089}} USS Jesse L. Brown (DE-1089) COA.png
{{Dodseal|Department of the Air Force}} Seal of the United States Department of the Air Force.svg
{{Dodseal|Department of the Army}} Emblem of the United States Department of the Army.svg
{{Dodseal|Department of the Navy}} Seal of the United States Department of the Navy.svg
{{Dodseal|DEA}} US-DrugEnforcementAdministration-Seal.svg
{{Dodseal|Detroit}} Seal of Detroit (B&W).svg
{{Dodseal|DE-1040}} USS Garcia (DE-1040) insignia 1964.png
{{Dodseal|DEG-4}} USS Talbot (DEG-4) insignia 1967.png
{{Dodseal|DHS}} Seal of the United States Department of Homeland Security.svg
{{Dodseal|DIA}} Seal of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency.svg
{{Dodseal|DOD}} United States Department of Defense Seal.svg
{{Dodseal|DOJ}} Seal of the United States Department of Justice.svg
{{Dodseal|DMSM}} Defense Meritorious Service Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|DPRK}} Emblem of North Korea.svg
{{Dodseal|DSSM}} Defense Superior Service Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|EPA}} Seal of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.svg
{{Dodseal|ESWS}} Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist Insignia.png
{{Dodseal|FBI}} Seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.svg
{{Dodseal|FCC}} Seal of the United States Federal Communications Commission.svg
{{Dodseal|FF-1038}} USS McCloy (FF-1038) Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FF1089}} USS Jesse L. Brown (FF-1089) COA.png
{{Dodseal|FF-1089}} USS Jesse L. Brown (FF-1089) Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FF1097}} USS Moinester (FF-1097) Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FF-1097}} USS Moinester (FF-1097) COA.png
{{Dodseal|FF1098}} USS Glover (FF-1098) COA.png
{{Dodseal|FF-1098}} USS Glover (FF-1098) Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-1}} FFG-1 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-4}} FFG-4 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-7}} USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG-7) insignia, 1977.png
{{Dodseal|FFG8}} FFG-8 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-8}} FFG-8 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-9}} FFG-9 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG10}} FFG-10 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-10}} FFG-11 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG11}} FFG-11 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-11}} FFG-11 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-12}} FFG-12 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG13}} FFG-13 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG 13}} USS Morrison (FFG-13) COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-13}} FFG-13 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-14}} FFG-14 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG 15}} USS Estocin (FFG-15) COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG15}} FFG-15 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-15}} FFG-15 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-16}} FFG-16 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG19}} FFG-19 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-19}} FFG-19 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG 20}} USS Antrim (FFG-20) Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG20}} FFG-20 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-20}} FFG-20 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-21}} FFG-21 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG22}} FFG-22 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-22}} FFG-22 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG23}} FFG-23 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-23}} FFG-23 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-24}} FFG-24 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-25}} USS Copeland (FFG-25) insignia, 1981 (NH 100913-KN).png
{{Dodseal|FFG-26}} FFG-26 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG 27}} USS Mahlon Tisdale (FFG-27) Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG27}} USS Mahlon Tisdale (FFG-27) COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-27}} USS Mahlon S. Tisdale (FFG-27) COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-28}} FFG-28 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-29}} USS Stephen W. Groves (FFG-29) insignia, 1990.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-30}} FFG-30 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-31}} FFG-31 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-32}} FFG-32 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG33}} FFG-33 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-33}} FFG-33 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-34}} USS Aubrey Fitch (FFG-34) insignia, 1995.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-36}} USS Underwood FFG-36 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-37}} USS Crommelin FFG-37 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-38}} USS Curts FFG-38 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG39}} FFG-39 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-39}} FFG-39 COA.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-40}} USS Halyburton FFG-40 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-41}} USS McCLusky FFG-41 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-42}} USS Klakring FFG-42 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-43}} USS Thach FFG-43 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-45}} USS DeWert FFG-45 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-46}} USS Rentz FFG-46 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-47}} USS Nicholas FFG-47 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-48}} USS Vandegrift (FFG-48) insignia 1984.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-49}} USS Robert G. Bradley FFG-49 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-50}} USS Taylor FFG-50 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-51}} USS Gary FFG-51 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-52}} USS Carr FFG-52 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-53}} Insignia of USS Hawes (FFG-53) 1984.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-54}} USS Ford FFG-54 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-55}} USS Elrod FFG-55 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-56}} USS Simpson FFG-56 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-57}} USS Reuben James. FFG-57 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-58}} USS Samuel B. Roberts FFG-58 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-59}} USS Kauffman FFG-59 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-60}} USS Rodney M. Davis FFG-60 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|FFG-61}} USS Ingraham (FFG-61) insignia, 1989.png
{{Dodseal|FMFE}} FMF Enlisted Warfare Specialist Device.png
{{Dodseal|FMFEW}} Fleet Marine Force Enlisted Warfare Specialist Device.png
{{Dodseal|FMFEWS}} Fleet Marine Force Enlisted Warfare Specialist Device.svg
{{Dodseal|GB}} Coat of Arms of Great Britain (1714-1801).svg
{{Dodseal|GWOTEM}} Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|GWOTSM}} Global War on Terrorism Service Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|HHS}} Seal of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.svg
{{Dodseal|HUD}} Seal of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.svg
{{Dodseal|HSM}} Humanitarian Service Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|HVO}} Logo of Croatian Defence Council.svg
{{Dodseal|INS}} Seal of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service.svg
{{Dodseal|IRGC}} Seal of the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution.svg
{{Dodseal|JMUA}} Joint Meritorious Unit Award ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|JNA}} Logo of the JNA.svg
{{Dodseal|JSAM}} Joint Service Achievement Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|JSCM}} Joint Service Commendation Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|JSOC}} Seal of the Joint Special Operations Command.png
{{Dodseal|JTF-GTMO}} JTFGTMO logo.png
{{Dodseal|KDSM}} Korea Defense Service Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|Kenya}} Coat of arms of Kenya (Official).svg
{{Dodseal|L.A.}} Seal of Los Angeles.svg
{{Dodseal|LAPD}} Seal of the Los Angeles Police Department.png
{{Dodseal|LAPDASD}} Seal of the LAPD Air Support Division.svg
{{Dodseal|LAPDSWAT}} Seal of LAPD Special Weapons and Tactics.svg
{{Dodseal|LHA-1}} USS Tarawa COA.png
{{Dodseal|LHA-2}} USS Saipan COA.png
{{Dodseal|LHA-3}} USS Belleau Wood COA.png
{{Dodseal|LHA-4}} USS Nassau COA.png
{{Dodseal|LHA-5}} USS Peleliu COA.png
{{Dodseal|LHA-6}} USS America LHA-6 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|LHD-1}} USS Wasp (LHD-1) crest.png
{{Dodseal|LHD-2}} USS Essex LHD-2 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|LHD-3}} USS Kearsarge LHD-3 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|LHD-4}} USS Boxer COA.png
{{Dodseal|LHD-5}} USS Bataan COA.png
{{Dodseal|LHD-6}} USS Bonhomme Richard COA.png
{{Dodseal|LHD-7}} USS Iwo Jima COA.png
{{Dodseal|LOM}} Legion of Merit ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|LPD-17}} USS San Antonio LPD-17 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|LPD-18}} USS New Orleans (LPD-18) crest.png
{{Dodseal|LPD-19}} USS Mesa Verde (LPD-19) crest.png
{{Dodseal|LPD-20}} USS Green Bay (LPD-20) crest.png
{{Dodseal|LPD-21}} USS-New-York-(LPD-21)-COA.png
{{Dodseal|LPD-22}} USS San Diego (LPD-22) crest.png
{{Dodseal|LPD-23}} USS Anchorage (LPD-23) crest.png
{{Dodseal|LPD-24}} USS Arlington (LPD-24) crest.png
{{Dodseal|LPD-25}} USS Somerset (LPD-25) crest.png
{{Dodseal|LPD-26}} USS John P. Murtha LPD-26 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|LPD-27}} USS Portland (LPD-27) ship's crest.png
{{Dodseal|MARAD}} US-MaritimeAdministration-Seal.svg
{{Dodseal|marines}} Seal of the United States Marine Corps.svg
{{Dodseal|MCM-1}} USS Avenger MCM-1 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|MCM-2}} USS Defender MCM-2 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|MCM-3}} USS Sentry MCM-3 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|MCM-4}} USS Champion MCM-4 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|MCM-5}} USS Guardian MCM-5 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|MCM-6}} USS Devastator MCM-6 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|MCM-7}} USS Patriot MCM-7 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|MCM-8}} USS Scout MCM-8 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|MCM-9}} USS Pioneer MCM-9 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|MCM-10}} USS Warrior MCM-10 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|MCM-11}} USS Gladiator MCM-11 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|MCM-12}} USS Ardent MCM-12 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|MCM-13}} USS Dextrous MCM-13 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|MCM-14}} USS Chief MCM-14 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|MOH}} Medal of Honor ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|MPDC}} Seal of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia.png
{{Dodseal|MSC}} Seal of the Military Sealift Command.png
{{Dodseal|MSM}} Meritorious Service Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|NAMCAM}} Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|NAMCCM}} Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|NAMCM}} Navy and Marine Corps Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|NASA}} NASA seal.svg
{{Dodseal|nationalguard}} Seal of the United States National Guard.svg
{{Dodseal|naval}} Seal of the United States Department of the Navy.svg
{{Dodseal|NAVSTANorfolk}} NAVSTA Norfolk patch.png
{{Dodseal|navy}} Emblem of the United States Navy.svg
{{Dodseal|NDSM}} National Defense Service Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|NOAACOCO8}} NOAACC O8 infobox.svg
{{Dodseal|NOAACOCO9}} NOAACOC O9 infobox.svg
{{Dodseal|NOAA}} NOAA logo.svg
{{Dodseal|NOAACOC}} NOAA Commissioned Corps.png
{{Dodseal|NJROTC}} Seal of the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.svg
{{Dodseal|NJSP}} New Jersey State Police Seal.svg
{{Dodseal|NSA}} Seal of the U.S. National Security Agency.svg
{{Dodseal|NSDAP}} NSDAP-Logo.svg
{{Dodseal|NYC}} Seal of New York City.svg
{{Dodseal|NYPD}} Patch of the New York City Police Department.svg
{{Dodseal|NYSP}} Seal of the New York State Police.svg
{{Dodseal|Odense}} Coat of arms of Odense.svg
{{Dodseal|OOTSODIB}} Office of the Secretary of Defense Identification Badge.png
{{Dodseal|PHSCC}} Seal of the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.png
{{Dodseal|PHM}} Purple Heart ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|Roundel}} Roundel of the USAF.svg
{{Dodseal|SASM-2016}} Southwest Asia Service Medal ribbon (1991–2016).svg
{{Dodseal|SASM}} Southwest Asia Service Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|SCG}} Coat of arms of Serbia and Montenegro.svg
{{Dodseal|SEAC}} SEAC-collar1.jpg
{{Dodseal|SFRY}} Emblem of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.svg
{{Dodseal|SSN 21}} USS Seawolf (SSN-21) crest patch.png
{{Dodseal|SSN21}} Patch of the USS Seawolf (SSN-21).png
{{Dodseal|SSN-21}} USS Seawolf (SSN-21) crest.png
{{Dodseal|SSN-22}} USS Jimmy Carter SSN-23 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|SSN-23}} USS Connecticut (SSN-22) crest.png
{{Dodseal|SSN-688}} SSN-688 insignia.png
{{Dodseal|SSGN-726}} USS Ohio SSBN-726 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|SSGN-727}} USS Michigan SSGN-727 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|SSBN-727}} 727insig.png
{{Dodseal|SSGN-728}} USS Florida (SSGN-728) crest.png
{{Dodseal|SSBN-728}} SSBN-728 insignia.png
{{Dodseal|SSGN-729}} USS Georgia (SSGN-729) crest.png
{{Dodseal|SSBN-729}} USS Georgia (SSBN-729) crest.png
{{Dodseal|SSBN-742}} 742insig.png
{{Dodseal|SSBN-743}} 743insig.png
{{Dodseal|SSN-750}} 750insig.png
{{Dodseal|SSN-751}} 751insig.png
{{Dodseal|SSN-752}} 752insig.png
{{Dodseal|SSN-753}} 753insig.png
{{Dodseal|SSN-754}} 754insig.png
{{Dodseal|SSN-755}} 755insig.png
{{Dodseal|SSN-772}} USS Greeneville SSN-772 Crest.png
{{Dodseal|SWO}} Surface Warfare Officer Insignia.png
{{Dodseal|Treasury}} Seal of the United States Department of the Treasury.svg
{{Dodseal|TXANG}} Texas Air National Guard patch.png
{{Dodseal|UK}} Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom.svg
{{Dodseal|UN}} Emblem of the United Nations.svg
{{Dodseal|U.S.}} Great Seal of the United States (obverse).svg
{{Dodseal|USAAC}} USAAC Roundel 1919-1941.svg
{{Dodseal|USAAF}} US Army Air Corps Hap Arnold Wings.svg
{{Dodseal|USAFRICOM}} Seal of the United States Africa Command.svg
{{Dodseal|USADSM}} U.S. Army Distinguished Service Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|USARCAM}} U.S. Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|USAR}} Seal of the United States Army Reserve.svg
{{Dodseal|USASDR}} U.S. Army Sea Duty Ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|USBP}} Logo of the United States Border Patrol.svg
{{Dodseal|USCENTCOM}} Official CENTCOM Seal.png
{{Dodseal|USCYBERCOM}} Seal of the United States Cyber Command.svg
{{Dodseal|USDA}} Seal of the United States Department of Agriculture.svg
{{Dodseal|USEUCOM}} USEUCOM.svg
{{Dodseal|USIA}} UnitedStatesInformationAgency-Seal.svg
{{Dodseal|USMCR}} Marine Forces Reserve insignia (transparent background).png
{{Dodseal|USMM}} Usmm-seal.png
{{Dodseal|USNGCM}} U.S. Navy Good Conduct Medal ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|USNORTHCOM}} Seal of the United States Northern Command.png
{{Dodseal|USNPUC}} United States Navy Presidential Unit Citation ribbon.svg
{{Dodseal|USNR}} Seal of the United States Navy Reserve.svg
{{Dodseal|USNR-2017}} Seal of the United States Navy Reserve (2005–2017).svg
{{Dodseal|USNSCC}} Seal of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps.png
{{Dodseal|USPACOM}} Emblem of the United States Pacific Command.png
{{Dodseal|USSOCOM}} United States Special Operations Command Insignia.svg
{{Dodseal|USSOUTHCOM}} Seal of the United States Southern Command.svg
{{Dodseal|USSTRATCOM}} Seal of the United States Strategic Command.svg
{{Dodseal|VA-2012}} Seal of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (1989–2012).svg
{{Dodseal|VA}} Seal of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.svg
{{Dodseal|War}} Seal of the United States Department of War.png
{{Dodseal|WMATA}} WMATA Metro Logo.svg
{{Dodseal|USO10}} US-O10 insignia.svg
{{Dodseal|USO9}} US-O9 insignia.svg
{{Dodseal|USO8}} US-O8 insignia.svg
{{Dodseal|USO7}} US-O7 insignia.svg
{{Dodseal|USO6}} US-O6 insignia.svg
{{Dodseal|USO5}} US-O5 insignia.svg
{{Dodseal|USO4}} US-O4 insignia.svg
{{Dodseal|USO3}} US-O3 insignia.svg
{{Dodseal|USO2|size=10px}} US-O2 insignia.svg
{{Dodseal|USO1|size=10px}} US-O1 insignia.svg
{{Dodseal|USAFO11}} US Air Force O11 shoulderboard with seal-horizontal.png
{{Dodseal|USAFO10}} US Air Force O10 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAFO9}} US Air Force O9 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAFO8}} US Air Force O8 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAFO7}} US Air Force O7 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAFO6}} US Air Force O6 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAFO5}} US Air Force O5 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAFO4}} US Air Force O4 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAFO3}} US Air Force O3 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAFO2}} US Air Force O2 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAFO1}} US Air Force O1 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USCGO10}} USCG O-10 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USCGO9}} USCG O-9 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USCGO8}} USCG O-8 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USCGO7}} USCG O-7 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USCGO6}} USCG O-6 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USCGO5}} USCG O-5 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USCGO4}} USCG O-4 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USCGO3}} USCG O-3 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USCGO2}} USCG O-2 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USCGO1}} USCG O-1 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|MCPOCG}} USCG - MCPOCG.png
{{Dodseal|USCGE10}} USCG MCPOCG Collar.png
{{Dodseal|USCGCMDCM}} Badge of a U.S. Coast Guard command master chief petty officer.png
{{Dodseal|USCGE-6}} Insignia of a United States Coast Guard petty officer first class.svg
{{Dodseal|USCGE6}} Insignia of a United States Coast Guard petty officer first class.svg
{{Dodseal|USCGE-5}} USCG-PO2.png
{{Dodseal|USCGE5}} Insignia of a United States Coast Guard petty officer second class.svg
{{Dodseal|USCGE-4}} Insignia of a United States Coast Guard petty officer third class.svg
{{Dodseal|USCGE4}} Insignia of a United States Coast Guard petty officer third class.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO12}} Army-USA-OF-11.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO11}} Army-USA-OF-10.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO-10}} Army-U.S.-OF-09.png
{{Dodseal|USAO10}} Army-USA-OF-09.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO-9}} Army-U.S.-OF-08.png
{{Dodseal|USAO9}} Army-USA-OF-08.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO-8}} Army-U.S.-OF-07.png
{{Dodseal|USAO8}} Army-USA-OF-07.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO-7}} Army-U.S.-OF-06.png
{{Dodseal|USAO7}} Army-USA-OF-06.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO-6}} Army-U.S.-OF-05.png
{{Dodseal|USAO6}} Army-USA-OF-05.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO-5}} Army-U.S.-OF-04.png
{{Dodseal|USAO5}} Army-USA-OF-04.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO-4}} Army-U.S.-OF-03.png
{{Dodseal|USAO4}} Army-USA-OF-03.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO-3}} Army-U.S.-OF-02.png
{{Dodseal|USAO3}} Army-USA-OF-02.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO-2}} Army-U.S.-OF-01a.png
{{Dodseal|USAO2}} Army-USA-OF-01a.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO-1}} Army-U.S.-OF-01b.png
{{Dodseal|USAO1}} Army-USA-OF-01b.svg
{{Dodseal|USAE9b}} Army-U.S.-OR-09b.png
{{Dodseal|USAE9c}} Army-U.S.-OR-09c.png
{{Dodseal|USAE8a}} Army-U.S.-OR-08a.png
{{Dodseal|USAE8b}} Army-U.S.-OR-08b.png
{{Dodseal|USAE7}} Army-U.S.-OR-07.png
{{Dodseal|USAE6}} Army-U.S.-OR-06.png
{{Dodseal|USAE5}} Army-U.S.-OR-05.png
{{Dodseal|USAE4}} Army-U.S.-OR-04.png
{{Dodseal|USMCO10}} US Marine 10 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USMCO9}} US Marine O9 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USMCO8}} US Marine O8 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USMCO7}} US Marine O7 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USMCO6}} US Marine O6 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USMCO5}} US Marine O5 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USMCO4}} US Marine O4 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USMCO3}} US Marine O3 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USMCO2}} US Marine O2 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USMCO1}} US Marine O1 shoulderboard.svg
{{Dodseal|USNO12}} U.S. Navy O12 infobox.png
{{Dodseal|USNO11}} US Navy O11 infobox.svg
{{Dodseal|USNO10}} US Navy O10 infobox.svg
{{Dodseal|USNO9}} US Navy O9 infobox.svg
{{Dodseal|USNO8}} US Navy O8 infobox.svg
{{Dodseal|USNO7}} US Navy O7 infobox.svg
{{Dodseal|USNO6}} US Navy O6 infobox.svg
{{Dodseal|USNO5}} US Navy O5 infobox.svg
{{Dodseal|USNO4}} U.S. Navy O-4 infobox.svg
{{Dodseal|USNO3}} US Navy O3 infobox.svg
{{Dodseal|USNO2}} US Navy O2 infobox.svg
{{Dodseal|USNO1}} US Navy O1 infobox.svg
{{Dodseal|MIDN}} US Navy OC infobox.svg
{{Dodseal|MCPON}} MCPON Full.png
{{Dodseal|USNE10}} U.S. Navy E10 infobox.png
{{Dodseal|USNCMDCM}} Badge of a U.S. Navy command master chief petty officer.png
{{Dodseal|USNE9}} U.S. Navy E9 infobox.png
{{Dodseal|USNE8}} U.S. Navy E8 infobox.png
{{Dodseal|USNE7}} U.S. Navy E7 infobox.png
{{Dodseal|USAO10-UCP}} GEN-ACU.png
{{Dodseal|USAO9-UCP}} LTG-ACU.jpg
{{Dodseal|USAO8-UCP}} MG-ACU.jpg
{{Dodseal|USAO7-UCP}} BG-ACU.jpg
{{Dodseal|USAO6-UCP}} COL-ACU.jpg
{{Dodseal|USAO5-UCP}} LTC-ACU.jpg
{{Dodseal|USAO4-UCP}} MAJ-ACU.jpg
{{Dodseal|USAO3-OCP}} Captain rank, U.S. Army OCP.png
{{Dodseal|USAO3-UCP}} CPT-ACU.jpg
{{Dodseal|USAO2-UCP}} 1LT-ACU.jpg
{{Dodseal|USAO1-UCP}} 2LT-ACU.jpg
{{Dodseal|USAE4-UCP}} CPL-ACU.png
{{Dodseal|USAO12-2015}} U.S. Army O-12 shoulderboard, rotated (1981–2015).png
{{Dodseal|USAO11-2015}} US Army O11 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO10-2015}} US Army O10 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO9-2015}} US Army O9 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO8-2015}} US Army O8 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO7-2015}} US Army O7 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO6-2015}} US Army O6 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO5-2015}} US Army O5 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO4-2015}} US Army O4 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO3-2015}} US Army O3 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO2-2015}} US Army O2 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USAO1-2015}} US Army O1 shoulderboard rotated.svg
{{Dodseal|USSR}} Coat of arms of the Soviet Union 1.svg
{{Dodseal|VRS}} Patch of the Army of Republika Srpska.svg