Alexander II Colonel Hat.jpg Right! Stop that!
It's far too silly!
Don't take this too seriously. Another user just wants you to know something you said crosses their boundaries of sensibility.
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Apply this template to the user talk page of someone who has said something that is far too silly and needs to stop now before they really make a fool of themselves. This template is intended for humorous use only!

See alsoEdit

For fish based varieties of similar actions, consider:

  • {{trout}} – slapping the user about with a trout
  • {{minnow}} – a smaller version, though still centered and intrusive enough to send the message
  • {{trout small}} – a more reasonably-sized, less-intrusive, left-aligned trout, suitable for trout victims to use as a replacement after getting the message
  • {{troutme}} – a small auto-trout icon for the top of your userpage
  • {{chips}} – a small side of chips to go with your fish
  • {{Stink bomb}} – similar to the trout