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This template is used to create citations to archival holdings.


{{cite archive |first= |last= |item = |item-url = |type = |item-id = |date = |page= |pages= |fonds = |series = |file = |box= |collection = |collection-url = |repository = |institution = |location = |oclc= |accession= |ref=}}


{{cite archive |first= Booth|last= Tarkington|item = Booth Tarkington letter to George Ade |type =Textual record |date = May 8, 1924 |series = Correspondence, ca. 1882-1947|file =Correspondence, Sto-U, ca. 1894-1943 |box= Tarkington, Booth, ca. 1905-1943|collection = George Ade Papers, 1878-2007 |repository =Virginia Kelly Karnes Archives and Special Collections Research Center |institution =Purdue University |location =West Lafayette, IN}}

Displays as

Tarkington, Booth. "Booth Tarkington letter to George Ade" (May 8, 1924) [Textual record]. George Ade Papers, 1878-2007, Series: Correspondence, ca. 1882-1947, Box: Tarkington, Booth, ca. 1905-1943, File: Correspondence, Sto-U, ca. 1894-1943. West Lafayette, IN: Virginia Kelly Karnes Archives and Special Collections Research Center, Purdue University.

Required parametersEdit

collection : Name of collection, e.g. George Ade Papers, 1878-2007
institution : Name of institution, e.g. "Purdue University"

Optional parametersEdit

item : Name of item in collection, e.g. "Booth Tarkington letter to George Ade"
item-url : link to item description page, e.g http://earchives.lib.purdue.edu/cdm/ref/collection/earhart/id/3422
first : When the item cited has an author, use this field for their first name (and initial if present), e.g. "Booth"
firstn :
last : When the item cited has an author, use this field for their last name, e.g. "Tarkington"; aliases: |author=, |author1=
lastn : alias: |authorn=
author: can be used instead of |last= and |first=, for example when there is a corporate author
type : type of item (e.g. photograph, textual record, multimedia), e.g. "Textual record"
item-id : unique object identifier where it exists
date : Date of item creation, e.g. "May 8, 1924"
page : page number where it exists
pages :
series : series of the item, e.g. "Correspondence, ca. 1882-1947"
fonds : name of the fonds being cited - not always used, collection can be used as well. If both exist, use both.
box : name of box, e.g. "Correspondence, Sto-U, ca. 1894-1943"
file : file of the item, e.g. "Tarkington, Booth, ca. 1905-1943"
collection-url : Link to collection guide or finding aid for the collection where it exists
repository : Name of repository, if different than institution, e.g. "Virginia Kelly Karnes Archives and Special Collections Research Center"
location : Physical location of institution, e.g. West Lafayette, IN
oclc : Online Computer Library Center identifier, not always used
accession : number to indicate when an item was added to a collection, not always used
author-mask :
author-maskn :
author-link :
author-linkn :
last-author-amp :
display-authors :
ref :
mode :

Error messagesEdit

cite archive: invalid |display-authors=
cite archive: more than one of |<param>= and |<param>=
cite archive: |collection= required
cite archive: |institution= required


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly error report for this template.

TemplateData for Cite archive

A citation for Archival holdings -- the citation can be used to describe objects at a variety of levels from collections, but assumes that the object are at a research institution, in a specific collection.

Template parameters


The specific collection at an institution


The institution which curates the archival holdings.


item referenced


url for description or digital version of item


unique identifier for item


name of box in which materials are held


First name of author cited


last name of author cited


Series in which items are catelogued


Name of the fonds being cited -- may use collection instead


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