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Using this template

To display this template on a page, use the usual template instance code:

{{ArbComOpenTasks}} or {{ACOT}}

This template is maintained by the committee's clerks and should include all active arbitration proceedings. The actual rosters (e.g. the list of open clarification requests) are stored at the special data-only sub-templates.

This template open discussions (e.g. at WT:AC or WT:AC/N) or other items of the committee business. Editors wishing to follow committee business that is not listed on this template should monitor (or watchlist) the committee noticeboard, where things like CU/OS appointments are announced, and the major arbitration talk pages. The Wikipedia Signpost, a volunteer-run periodical summary of developments of interest to the English Wikipedia community, also publishes an arbitration report that may be of interest.

To display this template in a more condensed format, with the sub-sections collapsed by default, use |collapsed=yes as in {{ArbComOpenTasks|collapsed=yes}}.

Maintaining this template

Editing appearance of this template

If you really must change how this template looks, don't forget to update Template:ArbComOpenTasks/line by modifying what information is displayed in each row.

The editnotice displayed when editing the sub-templates is at Template:Editnotices/Group/Template:ArbComOpenTasks.